Why Paying For Your Hospital Stay Is The Best Thing For Your Health

We are incredibly fortunate in this country to have the NHS, which means we don’t need to pay for our healthcare. However, going for the free option shouldn’t always be your first choice. Your health is more than a financial decision and there are lots more factors to take into consideration. In this article we take a look at why paying for your hospital stay or choosing a private doctors in London is the best thing you can do for your health.

Greater Choices

As human beings we of course all have a choice. When it comes to healthcare however, choice comes at a cost. When you go through the NHS you will be assigned a GP based on your location and the availability of that GP; whether they have space on their books. Likewise, if you need to go to hospital, where you go will be decided either by location or by specialism. If you do need specialist treatment, whilst you might be able to get this free through the NHS, waiting lists are likely to be long.

Private healthcare on the other hand offers lots more choice. From a choice of hospital, choice of treatment, choice of location, you can even choose who you want to carry out the treatment. If you’re willing to pay, you could almost say the choice is endless. Your decision will of course be influenced by what it is you actually need. So, for example if you require a routine op then maybe you won’t choose to pay for it. However, if you are planning say cosmetic surgery or weight loss surgery then paying for the right specialist and the right hospital to convalesce in post op, is money well spent.

Reduced Waiting Times

We touched briefly on this above, but paying for your hospital stay will almost certainly guarantee you jump the waiting list. And not just hospital stays, even bog-standard appointments with your NHS GP can take ages these days, right?

Wait times will vary depending on where you live, and especially with covid still about, things are all a bit different right now. Which is perhaps why private healthcare is arguably more important than ever – to help take the strain off of the NHS and to ensure you still get the level of healthcare you desire without having to wait for it.

When you know you have something wrong with you, it’s only natural to want to have to deal with it straight away. If you have health insurance it’s worth checking your policy as some may include a certain amount of private treatment and this is a great way to take advantage of reduced waiting times without having to foot all of the bill.

Better Facilities

Let’s cut to the chase, paying for your hospital stay isn’t just about getting the best treatment and avoiding those lengthy waiting lists, one of the biggest draws to private healthcare are the higher end, dare we even say it, luxurious facilities you can expect to experience. Private treatment often comes with almost hotel-like facilities, such as your own private room with ensuite bathroom, TV, nicer bedding and lots of other little extras. This means you are way more likely to get a better night’s sleep, which of course is a key component to recovery.

On top of that you can also expect to receive a wider range of food, you will often have a menu to choose from as well as catering for all specific dietary requirements. And some hospitals will have a much more flexible approach to visiting times, meaning your loved ones can effectively visit you at all hours of the day.

You are also much more likely to be seen by the same consultant each time, which helps build a much stronger, trustworthy relationship. Not to mention the fact that the private sector will benefit from the newest and most up to date technology, thus improving the chances of a successful operation and full recovery.

More One On One Time

You are essentially entrusting your life with someone you don’t even know and so it’s only to be expected that you might want to spend as much time as possible with them talking through the procedure, to get their advice about a particular problem, or even to help you when you’re recovering. Paying for your hospital stay means you get more one on one time with the nurses and consultants. This is because the private system is nowhere near as stretched as the NHS, as it is funded by its patients.

Spending more time with the healthcare team will allow you to relax more, which is helpful from the very first consultation right through to any after care you may need. And it will feel incredibly reassuring to know that they know you on a personal level rather than just by a set of files.

Final thoughts

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different and not everyone can afford to pay for private healthcare. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where you can, then consider the points above to decide whether paying for your hospital stay is the right thing for you.

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