Why Should You Use A Lotion For Your New Tattoo?

According to a survey of 32 tattoo artists, experts recommend aftercare of washing the tattooed area two to three times a day with antibacterial soap and rubbing in a fragrance-free lotion. The recommended aftercare process involves washing your skin with antibacterial soaps and treatment with antibacterial ointments for three to five days, followed by treatment and moisturization of the body with lotion.

Whether liquid lotion, spray, foam or ointment are used, it is in the best interest of your new tattoos that you use all the products to keep your healing process in the best and healthiest form possible.

What Lotion To Use

Despite its popularity, there seems to be some confusion about what lotion to use when getting ink and how to care for your new tattoo.

One of the most important steps in the aftercare process is choosing a lotion that moisturizes your fresh designs and keeps them free of infection and irritation, according to tattooists.

There are hundreds of lotions available on the market today and it is difficult to decide on the most effective one for you. Specialized healing lotions contain ingredients that speed up the healing process. Some lotion formulas are better at healing your tattoo than products containing lanolin or petroleum.

Oil-based ointments such as Vaseline can be a great help for dry skin, but are not suitable for tattoo removal.

The application of a healing lotion forms a protective layer over the tattoo, which prevents unwanted pathogens from reaching the skin. It will also help to keep moisture in the skin and nourish it. By applying lotion, you relieve the itching and the moisture helps to adhere to the loose skin pieces that dangle around the tattoo, which not only improves its appearance but also prevents it from tearing. I would recommend using fragrance-free lotions that are thick to hydrate your skin, which is needed to heal tattoos.

Where Can You Find The Best Lotion?

I scoured the internet to find the best tattoo lotions to keep your skin smooth and radiant. This website fairly indicates the top 10 lotions you can use for your skin and tattoo healing process.

Use a non-irritating, oil-free aftercare product to nourish your tattoo while it heals. It is important to apply a thin layer of perfume-free or organic lotion around the tattoo area to avoid excessive moisture and to have enough air to breathe.

It works throughout the healing process to not only keep your tattoo hydrated, but also to relieve annoying itching and irritation. Tattoos usually take 1-3 days to dry out, so after healing, we can wash them with antibacterial soap.

One of the most important steps in the healing process is the application of aftercare products to stay hydrated. Using lotions and aftercare creams can help to keep the skin hydrated and active over time. Apply a thick layer several times a day.  Make sure to wipe away any excess lotion with a paper towel or soft cotton cloth (be gentle, do not press into the skin).  Apply this healing product several times a day to prevent the skin from becoming dry and to maintain moisture and heal in good condition.

The lotion is not the only aftercare product you should use when your tattoo is in the danger zone (a.k.a. For colored moisturizers and aftercare, a lotion is preferred to certain moisturizers. If your tattooed skin gets dry and taut, applying lotion is the first thing you need to do to loosen and relax the skin. Some skin dries out faster than others, so the frequency of application of lotions to care for your new tattoo varies from person to person.

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