Why Some People Are Switching To CBG Gummies

Lately, most of the popularity and attention of the cannabis market has been centered on the medicinal benefits of CBD. In the last year or two, people have also become very curious about Delta-8 THC, another legal Cannabis constituent. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t know about Cannabigerol (or CBG for short). This is basically the mother of all other cannabinoid substances, so it naturally has a lot of selling points. When you take CBG, you are getting the essence of the Hemp plant in its purest possible form.

Let’s consider the reasons for which a person might choose this cannabinoid over the others.

What Makes CBG Different?

CBG is kind of like a stem cell. It exists in young plants as undifferentiated material. This means that it can interact with other substances and become a wide variety of substances. It is highly reactive, and this is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because CBG is a little easier for the body to absorb. Likewise, it is a curse because that reactivity makes CBG harder to extract and process.

Health Benefits Of CBG

Because this substance forms the molecular basis for all other cannabinoids, it isn’t surprising that it shares many benefits in common with CBD and all the rest. However, we can also see some unique benefits that might explain why some people are switching their CBD gummies for CBG alternatives.

CBG Fights Cancer

You may have heard that cannabis fights cancer, and this in some instances can be true. CBD has been proven in the past to have an inhibiting effect on cancer cells, and it seems that CBG has similar properties. For evidence, let’s look at this study which looked at the effects of CBG on colon cancer. The tests were performed using laboratory cultures rather than live subjects, and the results are about what we expected. The CBG was shown to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells. It mostly did this by blocking the right receptor cells so that the tumor can’t interact with the rest of the body.

CBG Protects The Brain

Like an antioxidant, CBG can protect the brain from degradation. This includes natural loss of brain function due to age, as well as chemically-induced brain damage. In fact, it can even reverse this kind of damage to some extent. We found a study that confirmed this, this one conducted on mice with Huntington’s Disease. To make a long story short, being treated with CBG reduced all of the neurodegeneration markers in the test mice.

CBG Also Fights Bacterial Infections

Among its many benefits, we can also see that CBG in CBD gummies is good against certain bacteria. In some cases, it is able to destroy bacteria that would be resistant to traditional methods. One of those bacteria is Staphylococcus aureus, better known as MRSA. MRSA is notorious for its resistance to many drugs, but this study shows that CBG holds the potential for a cure. We should also mention that a few other cannabinoids were also tested, and they also showed high potential.

CBG Treats Bladder Problems

Urination is caused by contractions of the bladder, and some people cannot control these minute muscular movements. These are the people who have bladder dysfunction issues. Such people will often have to wear a colostomy bag or some other device, but certain cannabinoids show potential in alleviating that problem. These researchers tested five different cannabinoids on people with bladder issues. These were: CBG, THCV, CBD, CBDV, and CBC. While all of these cannabinoids were helpful, the CBG turned out to be the most effective by far.

The Cost Problem

At present, CBG has some definite issues with its cost. Some people call it the “Rolls-Royce of cannabinoids” because it is so expensive. Thankfully, we see a trend in the industry toward high-CBG strains. These are more economical and should (eventually) cause the price of CBG gummies to decrease. For a long time, they had to use tons of biomass to get a small amount of this stuff. Since CBG-dominant strains can sometimes have as much 20% CBG, it should make a big difference indeed. Not only that, you also want to make sure that if you are spending that much money, you make sure that it is of the highest quality possible. Check out Mr Hemp Flower if you’re looking for that.

The problem exists because of the fact that CBG is almost nonexistent in an adult Hemp plant. Most of the CBG that is present in their system when young is converted because of its reactive nature. First, it gets converted by special enzymes within the plant. After that, it is converted into three base cannabinoids: Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA), Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA), and Cannabichromenic Acid (CBCA). Through further biological processing, these base cannabinoids become well-known ones like THC, CBD, and all the rest. By the time the Hemp plant reaches adulthood, its total CBG levels will be less than 1%.


The evolution of CBD as a medicinal substance is not yet complete, but it is good to know that things are moving. This cannabinoid could end up being the most important and valuable of them all and could even become a source for other minor cannabinoid chemicals. It has quite a few different benefits, of which those listed above are only a sample. Someone really needs to do some more in-depth research on the medical potential of CBG, but until then, we hope our work will be enough.

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