Why You Should Fill Your Home With Plants And Flowers

Without plants and flowers, our living spaces can look super bleak and clinical. Besides, our indoor air and overall mood can suffer. So brighten up your every day by investing in a few potted plants and indoor flowers to reap so many health and mood benefits. Plus, your home will look much more comfortable and stylish—the benefits don’t stop coming, so consider adding greenery to your home.

Relieve Stress

Biophilia is a philosophy branch that focuses on the human connection to nature. Actions like looking at the clouds, feeling the wind on your skin, wandering in a forest and enjoying the sun can touch people on a primal level. However, modern people spend so much time indoors that many of us lost that connection with nature. Luckily, it can be nurtured back to health by introducing plants to your environment. Mimicking natural beauties with plants, flowers, living walls and water features can bring us peace and minimize stress. So if you ever feel overwhelmed, consider getting a cute green friend for your home.

Speed Up Healing

Did you know that plants in recovery rooms and beautiful views of nature help patients with recovery? Even offices with plenty of greenery report lower numbers of sick leave days. If you choose to beautify your home with plants and flowers, you will boost relaxation and increase the production of hormones responsible for recovery. Also, plants fill the space with fresh oxygen which also plays a role in speedy healing. You do not need to step out and go to your local florist to get flowers on a routine basis every day. All you need to do is to visit an online flower store and get it delivered right to your doorstep. The best part is that you can explore so many different types of flowers, all on one single platform.

Improve Mood

Thanks to their bright colors, pleasant smells and fresh oxygen, plants and flowers will definitely brighten up your space and boost your mood. According to scientific research, receiving flowers and keeping flowers in your home influences mood in a positive way that can last several days. Potted flowers also provide you with serotonin once they bloom thanks to your care—you get an enormous sense of accomplishment. And even if you don’t have time or skills to take care of your flowers, you can buy varieties like beautiful long lasting rose flowers that will last up to a year! Without any need for maintenance, these flowers will allow you to enjoy their beauty and not care whether they’ll wither.

Boost Performance And Energy

The easiest way to feel more vital and energized is to surround yourself with nature/plants. Plants evoke feelings of happiness and lift the spirit. They also provide people with a more positive outlook on life, so you automatically feel more alive and active. This trick can work at home just as well as it can work at the office, school or any other establishment.

Increase Memory And Focus

Plants allow people to focus on the task in front of them, no matter if we’re talking about the office or home setting. The University of Michigan conducted a study that concluded that people exhibit a 20% increase in memory retention when they are surrounded by plants. They also noticed various learning improvements. Nature and its elements stimulate the brain thus improving cognition and performance. When plants are around, workers and students perform better and produce work that’s of higher quality and better accuracy. When you’re decorating your home office, make sure to introduce a few plants and place your desk in front of a window so you can enjoy stimulating nature views.

Lower Noise Levels

It’s no secret that living in cities can get super noisy. Cars outside, neighbor’s lawnmower, leaf blowers, construction sites, kids playing outside—all those things can ruin the peaceful environment of your home. We are all exposed to hundreds of stressors every day that can irritate and stress. For centuries, people have used outdoor plants to block noise and make environments more private and peaceful, but you can do the same inside of the house with indoor plants. Plant leaves absorb sounds and diffract and reflect the background noise, so you can enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere in your house. For instance, you can place tall plants in containers by the window or other places where you want to minimize noise and voila—you’ve just created a more comfortable and beautiful room with just one décor element!

Want to improve your home? Look no further than flowers and plants. These natural elements will brighten up your space in every way, boost your wellbeing and health and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home—there are no downsides to plants at all!

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