Your Guide To Perfectly Applying Your Makeup In 2022

When you look back at how you used to do your makeup in high school, you can’t deny that you probably cringe more than a little bit. Looking back at that clumpy, powdery foundation, those far-too-thin eyebrows, and that bright blue eyeshadow you wore in a non-ironic way. Thick browns are in vogue, but will they stay? Blotting your lips is the done thing, but will it be the same next month? Makeup trends change just as fast as fashion trends do: what looked fabulous and earned you admiring or jealous glances on the street 5 years ago would earn you a glance for a different reason today. Makeup trends don’t only change in terms of color or silhouette like fashion ones do; they also vary in terms of the composition of the makeup we wear. As skincare has come to the forefront of the public’s attention, makeup has evolved to be more about caring and less about covering.

The present makeup trends this year, in 2022, are radically different: from barely there looks featuring mineral powder foundation to bright and colorful looks featuring standout eyeliner. Let’s take a look at some of the most on-trend ways to apply your makeup this year.

Luminous Looks

2022 is all about the Glow Up! Many makeup fans didn’t have much chance to put their usual skills to use and, as such, have evolved their skills into something a bit more subtle. One of 2022’s most loved looks is a glowy, dewy, and minimal face of makeup. Focus here isn’t on covering up one’s skin entirely; the focus is on the skincare aspect of the makeup and keeping your face as naturally beautiful as possible so that the need for makeup is minimized. Textures are smooth and glossy, giving your skin that “just showered” look. Instead of going for a full coverage foundation, apply a BB cream. Instead of going for a glittery highlighter, apply something smooth and light-reflecting. Cream blushes go a long way to adding a natural, sunkissed look to your already beautiful face.

Brow Down

Exciting, bushy brows are here to stay! Eyebrows have been through a lot over the decades: just think of the twenties and the nineties! Thankfully these days, either bushy or naturally grown, our brows are in. How a person’s eyebrows look really does complete the overall look of their face. Brows have become something of a trademark in recent years, and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon. We recommend a long-lasting brow pen to give a more natural look: the “ink” is easy to swipe on to give the effect of natural brow hairs. If you like a fuller, more solid look, choose a brow pencil instead. Apply both with a light hand rather than going in heavy, then layer if you need to add more drama.

Bold Liner

As a response to the general gray unhappiness of the past few years, some makeup lovers have taken up really bold, modern, exciting looks to get their faces feeling fresh. One such trend is bold, colorful eyeliner: especially negative space designs. This look harkens back to the sixties: think Twiggy for inspiration. If you’re going this bold on your eye, it’s best to pare the rest of your look down. Follow our luminous looks tips for a fresh and natural face. Less is more when one aspect of your look is bold, so stay away from bright lips. Some makeup aficionados are even using colored liners and shadows to create full-on graphics on and above their eye. Think 80s flames or a blue sky with some puffy white clouds. The options are endless. If you’re using a pencil, make sure it’s extremely sharp and pull your skin tight while applying it. Liquid liner goes on a little more easily. Camouflage any rough edges with a liquid concealer.

Loose Lips

Instead of the brightly colored and very defined, sharp-edged lips that have topped the charts for the last few years, we’re seeing a move to colorful but diffused lips instead. A diffused lip pairs well with a natural, luminous face and is being seen most often these days with tinted gloss. Apply to the middle of your pout, then blend outwards to your lip line. If glosses aren’t your thing, then go in with a lip brush. Moisturize your lips before you start and apply your lipstick using a lip brush from the center of your mouth outwards towards your lip line. Blot a few times so that the look is subtle rather than unfinished.

Final Word

This year’s top makeup trends all pair pretty well together. Using a few of the best trending ideas, you can put together a gorgeous face of makeup that screams you and really shows off your best assets. Remember that makeup is supposed to be fun! Try new things; even if you don’t end up liking them, at least you tried!

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