Your Next Diet Plan Needs To Include Cannabis Seeds

Got a diet plan? Does it include cannabis seeds? If not, you’re missing some major health benefits and you need to get this done ASAP!

Surprised? Yes, cannabis seeds also known as marijuana or hemp seeds aren’t meant to be thrown away, they are meant to be consumed by the human body. Even though their source is the cannabis Sativa plant, these seeds do not impair your mental state in any way.

If you’re looking for some major improvements to your skin, heart, and joints, cannabis seeds are a must-be-included item in your next diet plan.

Your Best Protein Source

As opposed to regular plant proteins (and by regular I mean those you might already be consuming), cannabis seeds provide you with a complete amino acids range. It is the best protein provider amongst all plant-based foods. Bet you didn’t know that!

An additional perk is that these seeds are digested quite easily by the human body. 3 tablespoons of cannabis seeds are loaded with 9.6g of protein which is quite a lot so you might want to take caution if you’ve got any major kidney concerns.

They also contain arginine which is a type of amino acid essential for human health.

The Best Source Of Unsaturated Fats

It seems as if these seeds were made to make the human heart feel better. Omega-3 Fatty Acids have gained immense popularity due to their nutritional benefits. Guess what? Cannabis seeds are an effective source of unsaturated fats or Omega-3 fatty acids.

These fats must be consumed from external sources since our body is unable to produce them yet the human body requires these unsaturated fats to function properly. There is no wonder hence that cannabis or marijuana seeds are now considered essential in an average person’s daily diet plan.

Furthermore, these seeds also contain Omega-6 and Omega-9 so they’ve got the complete package and you don’t need any supplements to make up for any missing nutrition.

If you’ve got any heart-related health issues, saturated fats are no less than poison. Hence, we strongly recommend the inclusion of cannabis seeds in your daily diet. There are a lot of online stores such as Herbies Seeds that can provide authentic cannabis seeds at your doorstep.

Muscle Regeneration: A Major Detoxifier

Attention gym geeks! You may not be aware but after rigorous exercises, your body tends to become acidic (more than usual). It is cannabis seeds to the rescue once more. These nutrient-packed seeds help balance the PH level of the body while the unsaturated fats act as catalysts in the body and muscle’s healing process.

Anyone Planning To Lose Weight?

So, you’ve decided to eat healthy and lose weight. How could you then not include cannabis seeds in your diet plan? Firstly the unsaturated fats fulfill your supplementary requirements. Secondly, the nutrients in cannabis seeds are a major metabolism booster and lastly this food enriched with proteins helps in reducing cravings for sugary foods.

The best and apparently ironic part is that these seeds are equipped with fats that can aid in burning excess fat in the body!

Good Skin: What Else Could You Ask For?

I’m just sorry that the world stumbled upon the benefits of these amazing seeds only about a decade ago! All those dermatological issues we commonly experience such as cracked heels, thickening of the skin, or patchy skin along with many other concerns can be countered easily by consuming a sufficient amount of cannabis seeds.

Loaded with fatty acids, these seeds help get rid of skin issues such as eczema (we all know how much we’d like that to get out of our lives), dermatitis, and other skin-related problems caused especially due to over-drying or sun damage, etc.

According to a research in 2018, including omega-3 in one’s diet can have a positive effect on acne since results revealed that these fatty acids could reduce acne symptoms.

Brain Booster: Good For Your Mental Health

Irony at its peak! While we’ve always known marijuana to have some consequences where mental state is concerned, it turns out that the seeds take nothing from their offspring’s negative traits whatsoever!

Cannabis seeds are used to treat mental illnesses which is another reason why various studies have been conducted on this plant over the past 10 years. The seeds contain antioxidants that detoxify the brain and purify the blood.

Researchers claim that cannabis seeds are an effective source for curing health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other related diseases.

Shield Against Cancer

Yes, you read that right. Cannabis seeds help in preventing cancers such as intestinal and colon. These seeds keep your digestive tract healthy and detoxify the body hence fighting any cancer-causing toxins. Furthermore, they are also extremely useful in providing relief during chemotherapy owing to their medicinal properties.

An Overall Health Maintainer

Owing to their high nutritional value, marijuana or cannabis seeds are a great way to keep your body healthy and energized. These seeds aid to keep the heart pumping normally and ensure proper blood flow thereby keeping the brain healthy as well. So, basically your body’s control system is well-maintained when you’re consuming an appropriate amount of cannabis seeds.

Ways To Include Cannabis Seeds In Your Daily Diet

It’s quite simple really. If you’re not too fussy about your taste buds, you eat these raw, shelled, or unshelled, however, you deem fit. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to prepare a nice meal with these seeds to satisfy your tummy, health, and taste buds!

One easy-breezy way is to roast these seeds and consume them with any other plant-based food. You can even add them to a favorite dish by sprinkling them on top. Another time-consuming but interesting way is to grind these seeds making a fine powder that can then be used in your dough, stews or soups.

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