5 Great Dental Technologies We’re Going To Start Enjoying

Can you imagine visiting the dentist a hundred years ago? No wonder they don’t have great reputations. It was still pretty bad a few decades ago when your parents were young, but it’s completely different today.

It will get even better thanks to modern technology taking the industry by storm. Let’s look at some of the cool dental technologies  you might not know about yet. It’s what you’ll see in almost every dental clinic in the coming years.

Intraoral Scanner For The Mouth

All dental services in Vaughan will force you to put something uncomfortable into your mouth, which allows them to create a digital impression of your mouth. I’m sure you’ll agree that trays filled with gel aren’t ideal.

Luckily, dentists can use intraoral scanning technology in the future. It’s a quick way to create digital impressions of mouths and is completely painless. It comes in handy if you want Invisalign braces.

CRISPR Can Help Fight Bacteria

CRISPR is a futuristic genome-editing method some people believe will give us cures for cancer, or if we go down the wrong path, we’ll start creating designer babies. It will play a big part in the dental industry too.

Scientists are hard at work using CRISPR technology to alter the way bacteria work inside your mouth, which is a huge reason why your teeth might be rotten. If you have less plaque in your mouth, your teeth will last longer.

Create Dentures With 3D Printers

Invisalign cost is coming down every year, but it’s too late for people who need dentures. Do you remember what your grandparent’s dentures looked like in the past? They were pretty expensive and hard to replace.

It will be cheaper and quicker than ever in the coming years thanks to 3D printers. Dentists will even have your data on file once you get your first set of dentures, so they can print new ones if you lose your current set.

Robots Will Replace Your Dentist

Androids won’t put dentists out of business in the future, at least not in the next few decades, but artificial intelligence will carry out certain procedures. Robots can clean teeth and fill cavities.

AI also helps dentists when they’re inserting dental implants, which is a delicate procedure that needs absolute precision. It will help prevent your mouth from rejecting them, and it’s less likely you’ll get nerve damage.

Teeth Can Start Healing Themselves

Everyone assumes our teeth get more damaged as we grow older until they eventually fall out. That might have been the case long ago, but regenerative dentistry is changing everything. Scientists are coming up with brilliant inventions.

In England, they’ve developed a filling that can help teeth heal themselves, which works by stimulating stem cells that help dentin flourish. Maybe it will get to the stage where you’ll never need root canal surgery.

The Next Few Decades Will Be Important

Look at how much technology changes from one generation to the other. If dental technologies like these are becoming popular now, imagine what it will be like in the next few decades.

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