5 Myths of Lower Back Pain

There are so many misconceptions surrounding lower back pain. As a matter of fact, lower back pain is a condition just like any other only it is more prevalent. Lower back pain is caused by overstretching your muscles when training or even just from working- you can actually suffer from the condition even if you sit on a rotating office chair that’s not ergonomically designed. Research shows that 85 percent of Americans suffer from this condition every year.

Another study found that people spend over 50 billion dollars to remedy lower back pain, even though there are many myths surrounding the treatment of lower back pain, and many of us find it difficult to draw a line between truth and lies. Those people who blindly follow up on these myths end up complicating the condition further. It’s like being treated by lots of unqualified doctors at the same time. The problem is that these myths are spread by people who know very little about human health.

Below is a list of common myths on treating lower back pain.

Taking Bedrest Helps Relieve The Pain

It’s OK to immediately take a short break when you experience lower back pain. However, research has proven that those who take extended bed rest require more recovery time than those who resume their normal duties after a short period. Instead of staying in bed for several days, you should step out of the house and perform light duties. You can also still go to the gym, but avoid training vigorously. Engaging in light exercise is quite beneficial because it causes the muscles in your lower back to heal much faster and helps strengthen them. Even taking a walk is enough to help jump start the healing process.

More Pain Means The Spine Is Worn Out

You couldn’t get further from the truth! Admittedly, there are times when the pain gets so severe that it’s enough to convince you that your spine is in bad shape, but some people feel more pain than others. The difference in intensity of pain depends on how the muscles were stretched. It’s generally agreed that those who don’t engage in physical activities and those who are stressed tend to feel more pain than those people who are active. The pain can also be accelerated by how you cope with the condition.

My Spine Will Never Be The Same

Most people condemn themselves after suffering from lower back pain, indeed there are some very rare cases of people that have been disabled by lower back pain. If well managed however, the condition can go away on its own. The problem is that it can resurface anytime you carry heavy stuff or sit inappropriately at your workstation. In addition, there are other conditions that can also cause you to have lower back pain. Some people may suffer from this kind of pain when they have typhoid and some women may experience lower back pain when they are suffering from a urine infection.

A Scan Or X-ray Will Show Damages On The Spine

Many people rush to get themselves booked in for a scan when they have lower back pain, but unless you’ve been involved in a serious accident your spine is bound to remain intact. You therefore don’t need to get an x-ray simply because you are experiencing severe pain in your lower back. Those who insist on these scans and x-rays may end up wasting a lot of money, especially if they come across an unscrupulous radiographer who is only in it to make money.

Low Back Pain Is Caused By Dislocation Of The Spine

Here’s another white lie. Lower back pain happens when the muscles surrounding the spine are overstretched. When you have a dislocation in the spine, you can not get out of the bed by yourself. Even sitting upright would be a problem. Lower back pain should not therefore be confused with a dislocation.

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