5 Reasons You Might Need To Consider Help With Mobility

Losing any function is a daunting prospect. Senses are one thing, but not you probably take walking for granted. So here are some reasons you might need help with mobility.

You Struggle To Walk Further Than A Few Meters

Your ability to walk unaided can be caused by many things. Aging joints, a terrible accident, or a hereditary illness. But no matter what it is, you might need help if you struggle to walk a few meters without pain and suffering. Typically, walking problems begin in the knees. But they can be caused by a failing hip or specific illnesses that affect your brain. Wheelchairs are excellent for getting around unaided. But they require upper body strength. If you don’t have this, a foldable electric wheelchair is a better option, where a motor provides movement.

Pain When Doing Normal Things Like Showering

Mobility issues can strike at any time to anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Even young people can get problems preventing them from getting around correctly. One of the first signs you might need help is if you have trouble doing ordinary things like getting a shower or getting up to cook for yourself. It could even be that your legs and his are OK, but you have a more severe illness like coronary heart disease or angina. Conditions like these restrict your breathing and significantly impact energy levels, making it difficult to look after yourself.

Consider Help With Mobility After Surgery

In the United States alone, over 15 million people undergo some form of surgery per year. And even after minor surgery, your doctor will always advise that you take it easy and get as much rest as possible. Specific surgeries like hip replacement can strain your legs and back. And the pain will be unbearable. So you will need assistance from a relative or nurse. However, they aren’t always available. In that case, a cane or walking stick will help. If you have a wheelchair, it might be best to use that after surgery since it will relieve pressure.

You Find Unexplained Injuries

People with mobility issues commonly don’t realize there is a problem until someone points it out. For example, suppose you often find unexplained bruising on your legs, hips, and back. Then it could be the case you are walking into things and doing so often you don’t notice. You have gotten used to walking the wrong way and adapted to living with it. More seriously, you might experience a brain illness that prevents you from remembering that you have been injured. For example, Alzheimer’s patients often report injuries they cannot remember getting.

Following An Unfortunate Diagnosis

Some terrible illnesses will impact your ability to walk unaided. Some can be quick, and some take a long time to affect your mobility. But no matter what your diagnosis is, you will need help at some point. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan ahead and source anything you need ahead of time to address problems as they occur. For example, perhaps you need a walking stick at first, then a wheelchair. Or you might need a scooter for going out in public. These can also be expensive, so it’s helpful to research them and begin saving.


You can address walking issues before they worsen if you have trouble walking far or pain when doing everyday things. Or have been diagnosed with an illness preventing unaided walking.

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