6 Reasons Refined Flour is Bad for You

Our diet consists of fats, carbs, and protein. Those are the three main ingredients to the diet. Over the years, we’ve battled to get trans fats out of the food supply. For years, trans fats were the single worst thing you can eat. Now, that title belongs to refined carbs, which includes refined grain products.

Refined flour is just one of the foods on the refined carbs list. And if you do not pay attention to what you eat, you are probably getting a ton of refined flour and other refined carbs. Since refined flour is one of the most harmful products for your diet, let’s take a look just how bad it is.

1. Refined flour causes imbalance in your gut

Your body has a natural pH level, and the normal, healthy level is at 7. When you consume acidic foods, your pH value changes, which causes an imbalance in the gut. A diet high in acidic foods takes calcium away from bones, which causes bone loss. A high acidic diet also damages your natural immune system, making your body more susceptible to infections and more prone to disease.

2. Raises blood sugar levels

Many people won’t know this, but refined flour is extremely high in processed sugar. Food made of refined flour like wheat flour are extremely damaging to your body. Wheat contains amylopectin A, a carbohydrate that is easily converted into blood sugar. Just a small dose of wheat bread raises your blood sugar more than a candy bar.

3. Inflammation in the gut

Couple blood sugar spike and raised pH level, and you’ve got the two main ingredients for inflammation. Often, the result of the constant inflammation is inflammatory bowel syndrome and leaky gut syndrome. Inflammation causes glucose to build up in the blood and then attach to proteins nearby. Simply put, you do not reap the benefits of protein, which is muscle build. Instead, your proteins are wasted.

4. Slows down metabolism

The main reason we consume food is to get energy. Our body burns food to produce energy. And the easier it is for our body to break down food, the more energy we get. A slow metabolism burns little to no carbs, and the result is fat accumulating. What happens when you consume refined flour is that foods do not fuel your body, but produce fat storage. Your metabolism slows down even more and you gain weight.

5. Gut health

We talked previously how inflammation can cause leaky gut. It all comes down to lectins, a compound in grains that causes inflammation to the lining of the gut. When you consume carbs like refined flour, you lose the fibre of your food. Carbs end up releasing rapidly and your body does not get the fibre it needs for a healthy bowel movement. And since there is no fibre in the system, your body cannot clean the debris out of your gut.

6. Food allergies

Last, but not least, a diet high in refined carbs often causes allergies and intolerance. Refined flour is high in gluten, a type of protein that is now the subject of many food intolerance tests. We’ve seen our world moving towards a gluten-free diet. One way to get rid of gluten is to forget all about refined flour, which now contains more gluten than ever before.

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