Beauty Detox: How To Remove Toxins From Hair And Skin

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The holiday period is over and if you’ve been to the seaside or used the pool during the summer chances are your skin and hair will need refreshing. Even though you consider it a holiday, your body doesn’t like too much sun, salt water or pool chlorine. The best way to come back as fresh as possible from a holiday is to be well prepared for the recovery your body needs.

Change Your Eating Habits

During the summer we tend to eat less, because of the heat. While some relish fruits and vegetables, others enjoy a slice of pizza once or twice a day. Remember that even in small portions unhealthy food is still unhealthy. But healthy food can do damage in large amounts as well. On holidays especially, we tend to change our eating and sleeping habits which is a huge shock to our system. In order to return to your work schedule, it is necessary to plan healthy balanced meals in advance and make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Exercise and Sweat It Out

Sweat is our body’s natural solution for toxin release. But in order to get the most out of this natural detox mechanism, you need to incorporate some exercise in your daily routine. Although you may no think it, the more you sweat the better. Exercise will not only help your body get rid of toxins, but will help you keep that summer body in shape until next summer as well as making you feel more energized too. Be sure to exercise several times a week and take a shower right after your body cools down a bit. The sooner you wash those sweaty toxins from the surface of your skin there is less chance for them to cause unwanted rashes or pimples.

Refresh Your Skin

The best time to freshen up your skin is before the holiday, but the second-best time is right after the holiday. Your skin has been tortured while being dragged through sand, dust, water and all kinds of chemical products for several days. This can leave your skin completely dry and prone to unwanted peeling. Sometimes, it can even peel off in bigger chunks after it is been sunburned. In order to help it repair itself as quickly as possible, try using organic products instead of chemicals. For dry skin it is best to use anti ageing skincare products developed using combinations of botanical, wildcrafted and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Be sure to moisturise with skin cream as well at least once a day to notice the best results.

Detox Shakes and Juices

There are numerous companies that sell already made detox juices if you do not have time to make them yourself, but you should always consider making a detox shake on your own. When you buy groceries at your local food market and combine them yourself there is far less chance of you suffering any side effects, and you can try different combinations to find the one that helps you most. Don’t think that detox shakes have to be disgusting, because most detox foods are actually quite delicious when combined. You can mix ginger, lemon, peppermint, cucumber, and carrots for a healthy detox shake, or just cut them into pieces and leave in water overnight for a refreshing juice in the morning.

Clear Your Mind

It is important to always remember that the mind and the body are well connected. Stress and worry damage your body, and all of the toxicity comes out in wrinkles, grey hair, pimples or even disease. In order to have a complete detox, you need to clean both your body and mind. Take a couple of minutes of your day to meditate or just have a mindfulness session with yourself. Yoga techniques are also good for detoxification of the mind. Negative thoughts can only hurt you, so make sure you meditate them all out, and don’t give up until the last one is gone.

In order to do a good detox of your hair and skin, you need to think of your whole body and mind because you can’t take care of one without the other. Skin and hair are only the manifestation of your general health. For best results combine healthy eating habits with regular exercise, good sleep and stress avoidance.

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