Best Ways To Deal With Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints among people of all ages, and it can be caused by all kinds of things. Injuries, heavy lifting, excessive exercise, bad posture, and other factors might all be the root cause of your back pain but whatever happens to be causing it, it’s vital to take action and deal with it now, before it gets worse.

The leading cause of disability is back pain, and if left untreated and unattended, it can become more pronounced and debilitating, interfering with your sleep, making some of your favourite activities much harder to enjoy, and contributing to higher levels of stress as well. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take in daily life to deal with back pain and minimize its impact.

Sit Correctly

One common cause of back pain is bad posture, and since many modern people have sedentary lifestyles and spend such a lot of time sitting down at their desks, in the office, on the couch, it’s vital to sit correctly in order to prevent back pain from building up in the first place.

When seated, be sure to keep your feet planted flat on the floor and your back straight against the back of the chair. Try to keep your head upright too and your shoulders back, rather than hunching forwards or leaning on the desk in front of you.

Proper Posture

It’s not just while sitting that you should focus on your posture. You also need to bear your spine in mind when walking, exercising, and just living your life each day. Hunching over or slouching while you walk might not seem like such a problem in the short term, but over time, bad posture can lead to serious back issues and make mobility much more problematic in later life.

Try to avoid slouching, stand up straight, tuck your shoulders back, bend the knees when you need to lift something, and twist your hips when turning.


Stretching your muscles and spine can be a wonderful way to relieve back pain if you already have it, as well as helping to prevent it in the future too, and there are various specific stretches you can try out.

For example, try lying flat on your back and pulling your knees up to your chest, or lying on your stomach and trying to lift your legs and arms off the floor in a ‘Superman’ pose. You may also like to consider yoga as a great way to learn new stretches and movements and activate your back muscles more regularly.

Choose The Correct Shoes

Believe it or not, the footwear you choose each day can have a massive impact on whether or not you experience back pain while walking, exercising, or just in general. It’s so important to choose proper footwear while exercising, in particular, as jogging or hiking can put a lot of extra pressure on the spine.

Wearing weak or difficult shoes like high heels can make it much more likely for you to deal with back pain later on, so opt for comfortable shoes with solid support, and consider getting some insoles too if you feel you need an extra layer of protection.

Eat Well

Your diet can also have a huge impact on the likelihood of you experiencing back pain throughout your life. Put in simple terms, heavier people are more likely to have back pain because their spine is put under larger amounts of pressure due to the excess weight.

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body weight can therefore help you reduce the strain on your back. You can also exercise regularly, without pushing your body too far, to be kind to your back and keep your weight down.

Get The Right Mattress

The bed you sleep on can also have a big influence on any back pain you may be experiencing. Some mattresses are specially designed to provide pressure-relieving zones along the spine and relieve pain around the back, while others are too soft and weak to support the spine properly.

Test out a few different mattresses and read reviews to find one that suits you best. Often, people with back pain tend to prefer mattresses that have a bit more firmness and rigidity to them, which helps to keep the spine in place while sleeping.


Back pain can be a terrible issue to deal with, and there are times you might feel utterly overwhelmed, but there are ways to get your life back under control. Follow these top tips and don’t let your back pain ruin your days.

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