Choosing From a Range Of Incontinence Products

Incontinence can be a subject of high discomfort, embarrassment and therefore not many people feel at ease to discuss it. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a common ailment.

Incontinence is not only a problem for the elderly; many people under the age of 45 also suffer from it. Irrespective of whether you’re ready to discuss it or not, you should at least make sure yourself aware of the range of incontinence products available on the market. They are disposable and are made in a variety of ranges to suit your own personal budget and requirement. These days you can even take supplements, such as these from confitrol24, to help with bladder control.

There are three types of disposable incontinence products out there: sheets, diapers/disposable pants and pads.

Incontinence Sheets

As the name suggests, these are flat sheets made up of absorbent material. They are placed in the bed or a seat and are available in sizes, such as 60×60 cm or 60x90cm. These are best suited for taking care of sudden incontinence accidents.

Incontinence Diapers/Pants

These are essentially like the nappies used for babies, but are modelled and sized for adults. You can wrap it around the waist and fasten with fasteners called sticky tabs. If you would prefer to use something that feels more like underwear, you can buy Pull Ups, which have elastic cotton waists; however, they will cost a bit more. These diapers come in various waist sizes, meaning they can be worn by people with different body types. They also have different levels of absorbency that allows them to deal with even the severest of incontinence accidents. You should probably base your decision to use diapers upon the time when they will be worn, as you must remember that if this type of product is to be worn at night, it must be able to hold a lot and will require a higher level of absorbency. On the other hand, the type of diaper that will be required for use during the day will be lighter and need lesser levels of absorbency, as it can be changed more frequently. Larger and absorbent diapers inevitably come at a higher cost.

Incontinence Pads

If you’re looking for an option that will be both economic as well as comfortable, then incontinence pads are a great option. They are also available with elasticized net pants, which feel like close fitting shorts. The net pants are separable from the pads and the pads are disposed of after use while the net pants are washed and used again several times.

  • Disadvantage – Incontinence pads need to be changed frequently as they do not hold waste as well as a diaper does and thus is subjected to sudden slips.
  • Advantage – They are economic and are available at cheaper prices.
  • Remember – It may seem that the range of incontinence products available are not varied enough, but it is important that both the person who is suffering from it, and the person who is caring for the sufferer, keeps in mind the needs and the body type of the sufferer. The sufferer will neither want to restrict any activities due to incontinence nor will want to cause an embarrassing situation due to an accident. A sufferer who is not that active will probably have to worry less, but should always prioritize on comfort when it comes to incontinence products. Making a proper choice is therefore incredibly important.

It must be also kept in mind that however embarrassing the topic of incontinence might be, you must always seek advice; it is important to understand that this inconvenience can happen to anyone. Consult an expert to get the necessary help to deal with this condition if it is momentary. Or, if it is something you will need to live with for the long term, choose from the wide range of incontinence products on the market and live a full life.

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