Are There Dangerous Chemicals In My E-Liquid Flavourings?

Since they first came to prominence a few years ago, electronic cigarettes have been surrounded by confusion and controversy. Depending on who you listen to, they are either better for you or worse for you than traditional cigarettes, with many experts claiming there is not enough research to clarify whether or not the use of e-cigs can be detrimental to a person’s health.

Despite these comments there are plenty of people who are ditching traditional cigarettes in favour of e-cigarettes as a more modern alternative. While many have done this as a cost-cutting measure, others have done it as a genuine lifestyle change.

Public Health England have recently performed a study to identify whether or not vaping has the potential to release any dangerous chemicals that may affect passive smokers and those actually vaping. In the study, it was revealed that vaping is “between 95% and 99% safer” than traditional smoking with far fewer dangerous chemicals in the e-liquids and, therefore, fewer chemicals emitted into the air.

What this study also revealed was that e-cigarette vapour does not contain the same “cancer-promoting agents” as traditional cigarette smoke. This news will be of great comfort to health conscious non-smokers who have grown tired of being surrounded by their smoking friends, especially in the summertime when – for example – they’re sat outside a bar enjoying a drink and the sunshine only to have the experience affected by cigarette smoke.

Instead they can now sit and enjoy the British summertime safe in the knowledge that not only are they not breathing in second-hand, harmful smoke; but instead they are only inhaling a small amount of significantly less harmful vapour that doesn’t contain the same dangerous chemicals.

The Top 5 Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Adjustable Nicotine Levels

This means you can alter how much you are consuming and how many pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere. Even frequent smokers often find themselves tired of consuming the same flavour and then suffering the same cravings for nicotine, but even if their intention is not to quit smoking they can lower the nicotine levels for a more tolerable amount and a greater flavour from the less harmful liquids.

Different Flavours – No More Tobacco Smell

Electronic cigarettes, as you may already know, come with a variety of different flavoured liquids (or e-liquids). These can range from fresh, fruity flavours to more unique tastes but either way they don’t have the same old tobacco taste or smell. One of the main things that can cause arguments between partners where one smokes and one doesn’t is the smell of tobacco, but at least with flavoured e-liquids there is no more tobacco smell to worry about.


All smokers will tell you that one of the biggest problems is running out of cigarettes when they are nowhere near a shop to buy more. With an electronic cigarette, you can stock up on e-liquids and simply recharge the main device like you would a mobile phone or fitness tracker and you can pop outside for a quick ‘vape’.

Less Expensive

Another notable benefit is that e-cig users are saving substantial amounts of money. As mentioned already, many choose to use e-cigs to help quit smoking by slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in their liquids until they can eventually kick the habit, or so they’re not spending significant sums of money on a daily basis.

Less Harmful to Others

Second-hand smoke has always been an issue for non-smokers and those with young families. It has always been believed that those breathing in the fumes emitted by traditional cigarettes are being affected almost as badly as those actually consuming the tobacco directly.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, however, it has now been clarified by California Department of Public Health expert Dr. Michael Siegel that there are no dangerous levels of exposure to any hazardous chemicals for those surrounded by “vapers.”

This article was written by Oliver Warburton, Director of Ecigwizard.

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