How To Set Up Your Home Gym On A Budget

Setting up a home gym is just what a die-hard fitness enthusiast needs. You can exercise in the privacy of your home without driving to a fitness center. Or maybe you’re taking and retaking the ACSM-CPT practice exam so that you can give personal training sessions over video chat. When you’re ready for a workout session, all you have to do is head for your favorite spot in the house and get started.

If you have the square footage, investing in a good workout area will also add to the property’s value. Like many realtors will advise, the return on investment can be anywhere from 75 to 80 cents. Of course, the cost will depend on the equipment you’ll install. Here’s how to make sure that you have a great workout space that retains its value for a long time.

Get The Right Flooring For A Workout

As any fitness buff is well aware, a workout area should have the right flooring. It needs to be smooth and comfortable as you move around quickly. You’ll need a surface that is durable and can take excessive wear. The floor should be strong enough to tolerate the impact from dragged equipment. The floor also serves to keep kettlebells, dumbbells, and other implements protected from damage on those occasions when they’re placed or dropped with too much force. The home gym surface should also absorb the force of the impact of falling weights. Bouncing could cause accidents and injury to anyone in the vicinity.

You’ll Need Traction And Safety From Tripping

Most garage and basement floors are made with cement that tends to degrade over time. Regular footfall in the area will also result in the concrete disintegrating into dust that can be harmful when inhaled.

If you wish to install a workout area in your basement or garage, you’ll rework the floors with epoxy resin, synthetic turf, or rubber interlocking tiles. You’ll get a smooth finish without having to spend too much money. These components ensure that you won’t have any tripping and falling accidents because of cracks, seams, and uneven joints.

Create An Aesthetically Appealing Home Gym

Build a functional space with a variety of well-reviewed machines, as well as racks for holding your weights and other equipment. An attractive home gym room will keep you interested and motivated to keep up with your workout schedule. If you choose to go with epoxy resin, you can pick from a selection of colors and options like solid colors, partially chipped, or fully chipped.

Additional Equipment

The right equipment for working out depends on various factors such as the floor space you have, fitness goals you’re looking to achieve, and intended budget. If multiple family members share the gym, get a selection of gear that everyone will enjoy using. Most implements can be expensive, so you might consider investing in pre-owned. Sign up for workout apps and compare different ones before picking the one best-suited to your goals.

Setting up a home gym is an exciting and fun way to stay in shape without spending a lot of money. Try these home improvement ideas and keep your goals in sight.

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