How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary

Your house should be a place of safety and peace. The world will always be busy, but you should have a home that feels like a getaway so you can recharge. Improve your mental health this year by turning your home into the ultimate self-care sanctuary with these easy tips.

1. Switch Your Paint Colors

When was the last time you painted the rooms in your home? If the colors are bold shades from years past, they might subtly increase your anxiety. Research shows that when people feel joyful or relaxed, they gravitate toward light colors like yellows, blues and greens. Repainting your home with pastel shades of happier colors will automatically shift your home’s vibe in a positive direction.

2. Adapt Your Light Fixtures

Your lamps and ceiling lights might have the bright-white shade of fluorescent bulbs in your workplace. The hue might subconsciously remind you of the stressful environment and prevent you from fully relaxing at home. Swapping your bulbs with soft white or yellow tones could make a significant difference in your mood.

A team of researchers also found that increasing sunlight in a home improved each resident’s mood, so consider hanging sheer curtains on each window. You’ll allow more sunlight into your home and enjoy the same mental health benefits.

3. Update Your Bathroom

When you go to the spa, every room feels luxurious. Even the bathrooms have high-quality materials like granite and polished silver or gold accent pieces to make you feel like royalty.

Recreate the same vibe to turn your home into the ultimate self-care sanctuary. Install a stand-alone tub, renovate your floors or add elevated hardware fixtures to your bathroom drawers.

Small changes make significant differences if you don’t have the budget for that right now. A simple touch like installing a rainfall showerhead would create a calming, luxurious atmosphere to start every day in the right mood. Even tiny details elevate the feel of your home so you feel treated to luxury every day.

4. Reduce Your Household Noise

It’s hard to relax when there’s always a TV on in the background. Consider making your home quieter when you want to focus on your self-care habits. Turning the TV off, pausing your favorite music playlist and closing windows will reduce the noise keeping you on edge. When you have a quiet space at home, you can meditate or practice yoga to lower your anxiety and center yourself in a peaceful mindset.

5. Keep Self-Care Activities Close By

Your home should support your self-care routine, but you’ll need activities to keep that routine going. Think about if you’d feel most relaxed by doing things like lounging in a hot bath, baking, filling out a coloring book or reading.

When you find a self-care activity you enjoy, keep the supplies close by so you can always see them. You might place a journal on your nightstand to remember to log your thoughts every day. It’s a calming self-care activity that amplifies your happiness because you’ll release your anxiety or stress onto each page. Doing the same for bath soaps or cake decorating supplies will ensure you’re never too far away from your self-care tools.

6. Adopt A Few Houseplants

When researchers placed houseplants in classrooms, the students felt happier than when they listened to lessons in plant-free environments. Indoor plants add life and joy to any indoor space, so bring a few home from your local plant nursery. Even if you prefer faux plants, the greenery and floral additions might put your mind at ease whenever you enter your home.

Make The Ultimate Self-Care Sanctuary

Consider these ideas when you want to turn your home into the ultimate self-care sanctuary. Whether you grab a paintbrush, put plants on your shelves or swap your shower head for a newer model, your house will become a luxurious getaway that supports your mental health.

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