The Importance Of Showing People You Care At Christmas Time

Parent and baby at christmas

For many, Christmas is a time for family, friendship, celebration and joy. However, for others, Christmas can be a time that makes them feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. The unfortunate few may have no living relatives, have nowhere to go, or may even be facing any number of hardships that spoil their chances at fun on the big day.

It was only last year that people started to really draw attention to the loneliness one can feel on Christmas Day, and that same feeling will likely be felt afresh this Christmas coming.

Consequently, if you know anyone who is experiencing this, showing you care for them might just be enough to turn things around in their hearts and minds. Here’s how you can do just that!

Send a Card

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but often the most effective too. A thoughtful card is often enough to let someone know that you’re thinking about them and hoping they’re enjoying their Christmas. If you’re going to send one, try to include a thoughtful message too. Do away with the generic ‘to Bob… from Dave’ and try to include at least a line or two letting them know how much they mean to you. The more personalised your effort, the better.

You can get Christmas cards for 99p from Cardfactory, so this effort is really easy yet can do so much good for people. You can choose from a plethora of designs and fonts, and even opt in for photo Christmas cards of you and your whole family. It might seem basic, but often it’s the lack of basics that make people the most upset. In the end, a cheerful card with a friendly message will really give the recipient some warm feelings.

Pay a Visit

Many people trick themselves into thinking that they need to be house bound come Christmas morning. There’s presents to open, dinners to devour, festive episodes of our favourite programs, and reruns of fan favourite films like Harry Potter. There’s a lot to get through, but you can always try to make time for the people that matter to you.

If you’re living locally to someone you care about who you know will be alone, don’t shy away from paying a visit if you have the time. You could even invite them round if you feel close enough to them! Often, all people would like is to be acknowledged, so if you can do that for someone try not to let anything stop you.

Give Them a Ring

If you’re busy on Christmas Day and can’t find time to pay a visit, that’s okay. People are overwhelmed sometimes, especially on Christmas. That said, why not pay a quick phone call, especially if you have relatives or lonely friends living far away? This way, you can have a chat while also keeping busy with everything else. You could even put them on loud speaker and give everyone at your place a moment or two to chat with them!

Of course, in person visits may be a bit better, but a phone call is better than nothing. They’ll hear your voice, share a few laughs perhaps and get to have a real, authentic conversation with you. If you call via Skype, you could even fire off a video call so that they can join in the fun at your place. Really seek out those human connections, and you’ll save Christmas for those you try to help!

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