Unusual Ways To Make Exercise Fun

One of the great killers of workout routines is boredom. Sure, a lack of discipline or fitness can also get in the way, and more than anything else it’s time management that stops us from sticking to routines. Often even the most motivated, organised, and disciplined individuals ultimately drop their workouts because they’re a little boring.

You can usually get around this kind of problem with something simple, like a workout buddy or a new playlist. However, in case you’re looking for a more creative workout, here are a few unusual ways to make exercise fun again.

Be A Kid

This could mean just about anything, but here we’re talking about the idea of some of the fun activities kids get up to that can actually get your heart pumping. Jumping rope is the easiest example, but there are others as well. You might consider jumping on a pogo stick or hopping through hopscotch squares. Or if you really like the idea, buy a small trampoline for your backyard and go nuts! These aren’t always the most ordinary workouts, but they can satisfy your cardio needs now and then, and they’re undeniably fun.

Try The Zombies Game

If you’re a fitness junkie, you may have heard that there’s an app that connects running to a zombie apocalypse. Well, it’s not a joke. A little while back, Six To Start put out an app called “Zombies, Run!” that’s meant to semi-jokingly motivate runners by simulating a zombie attack. It’s an audio experience in which you can hear zombies catching up to you if you slow down, and you can collect resources for survival based on where you go. It’s a little goofy, but you might just find yourself giggling the first few times you try it—and running harder the next few times after that!

Spin Your Own Slots

Sticking with gaming, let’s explore the idea of using online slot arcades to facilitate workout activities. You may have heard of the idea of doing push-ups based on playing cards (meaning you do the number you flip over before taking a short break). Well, you can do a similar routine with slots, which now come in an incredibly diverse selection online with a variety of games and themes for everyone. You can pick a reel that appeals to you and, instead of playing for money, assign different exercises to different icons, and work out whatever you roll. You can get pretty creative with it, and wind up with an intense, varied home workout.

Get A Climbing Machine

This can be a pretty hefty financial investment, but it’s still worth considering if you’re hungry for some new fitness routines. There are arguments to be made that vertical climbers are the best workout for the body, as they burn calories and build strength with great efficiency. They can also be pretty fun, first because they’re different and second because if you feel like it, you can use them to simulate climbs. You can pick mountains around the world, calculate the mileage of a hike, and try to “reach the summit” in a given number of climbing workouts.

Try A Virtual Trainer

There are countless workout programs you can join online these days, and while they can be pricey and tend to be overflowing with advertisement and self-promotion, they can also give you an oddly satisfying sense of fun and camaraderie. In some cases you can do a week- or month-long trial with these programs, so you may as well try it out and see if it helps.

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