Ways To Deal With Shoulder Pain

According to Kemper Medical, more than 20% of adults reported experiencing shoulder pain last year. This common joint problem can have many causes. It doesn’t always come from arthritis or referred pain. Sometimes, a hobby like playing the guitar or even painting can lead to shoulder pain.

If you have injured yourself, the best advice is to to make an appointment with a surgeon or physiotherapist straight away. However, you can also try out some home remedies in case it’s difficult to determine the cause of your problem.

Here is how you can manage shoulder pain at home:

Cold Compress

To reduce swelling in your shoulder, apply a cold compress. If you don’t have an ice pack in your fridge, consider using a cold jar of pears or something similar to help ease and numb sharp pain. Apply it for about twenty minutes for five times per day. Avoid applying a cold compress directly to your skin. Doctors recommend wrapping the cold pack in a towel.


You shouldn’t keep exercising in the gym if your shoulder hurts. To keep the muscles flexible and strong, move the shoulder gently from time to time.

When To See Your Doctor

If the pain doesn’t go away after a few weeks and your hand is weaker than usual, make sure to see your doctor.

Learn more about shoulder pain in the infographic below:

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