Why Every Child Should Have The Opportunity To Go Camping

In the event that children grow up detached from nature, it is reasonable to assume that they will place less value on the natural environment, which is terrible news for the preservation of our countryside. If youngsters lose their connection to the natural world, they will simply stop fighting for it.

It is not only about developing a generation of children who are concerned about environmental preservation. Nature promotes wellbeing and decreases stress, yet the fact is that, according to study results from the Good Childhood Inquiry, more children than ever are now obese, sad, anxious, and even clinically depressed, despite the fact that nature promotes wellbeing and reduces stress. It would appear that screen culture, growing urbanization, and a separation from the real, natural world are at least in part to blame for such outcomes.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why every child should have the opportunity to go camping.

Develop A Sense Of Adventure

Going camping, even for a single night, is a memorable experience. New surroundings, strange sights, and sounds, other children to meet and play with, a tent to put up, trying to find the way to the toilet block with a flashlight from ecogearfx.com, and sleeping under the stars all combine to make for an exciting and memorable journey for the whole family.

A sense of adventure is one of the characteristics that ensure that one’s life remains open and full of possibilities, while also supporting the optimistic outlook that is essential for healthy psychological health.

Helps To Build Resilience

Nowadays, children hardly ever venture outside of their comfort zone. Because more children are spending more time indoors than ever before, their environment is regular, safe, and highly monitored for the majority of them. While having a sense of security is important, spending too much time indoors and being continuously stimulated will not help a child grow in courage or develop resilience.

Figuring out where to pitch a tent, assisting with tent assembly, locating the campsite store and being assigned to pick up supplies, and dealing with adversity are all excellent methods to develop resilience. Educating youngsters on how to successfully deal with adversity helps them grow into more resilient and confident persons.

Freedom To Explore And Be Creative

For many children, one of the most important aspects of modern living is the freedom to play, explore, and generally behave in the manner in which children should.   Parents rarely let their children to be out of their sight these days, preferring instead to take them to a friend’s house rather than allowing them to run around in the park unaccompanied like they used to.

In addition to providing a safe and relatively secure setting for children to play and explore in, family-friendly camping grounds also allow kids to experience a greater sense of independence. This freedom, combined with a more natural environment, is a fantastic way to encourage children to be more creative; rather than relying on a tablet or smartphone for amusement, children use their collective imagination to play games and entertain themselves.

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