What Women In Their 40s Should Do To Stay Healthy?*

You must have heard the saying – “40 is the new 20”…

For most of the ladies out there, a new phase of life begins at this age. They have got a bit loose from their responsibilities, as their kids have grown up and are big enough to take care of themselves. But, most of them notice and experience significant changes in their health by this time.

  • Metabolic rate decreases
  • Bone density decreases
  • High-stress level evident
  • Hormonal changes leading to less sex drive
  • Many facing depression etc.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to take control of your life and adapt healthy changes to become energetic and full of life.

Follow these tips and feel great throughout your 40s.

Start your Day with Breakfast

It’s a fact that eating a good amount of breakfast improves the metabolic rate and helps to burn calories. A recent study carried out shows that women who eat a good breakfast tend to lose 21% more body weight than those women who take in less amount of food. The reason for this is the improved metabolic rate, which eventually helps to acquire more energy.


Improve Body Metabolism

If you are looking for ways to increase your metabolic rate, start strength training. Follow it for 6 months and you will see evidential results. Your body will burn calories even when you are not active. Start by doing it for 30 minutes for a few days a week. This will eventually make your bones and muscles strong and prepare you for older age.

Increase Levels of Vitamin D and Calcium

With age, women can experience problems of low bone density. To fight this you need to have the right amount of both Vitamin D and calcium in your meals. Make sure you consume milk, salmon and other food rich in these nutrients. Taking supplements are also a good way to make up the deficiency. If you’re worried about the extra expense, you can easily buy them at reduced rates using discount codes you can find on the internet.

Work on your Stress Levels

If you have high levels of stress you may experience irregular heart beats, high blood pressure, a lowered sex drive, less energy to do work and faster cell death. One of the major results of stress is that you start showing the signs of ageing sooner. So, start practising meditation or breathing exercises, as they help to relax both your body and your mind.


Eat Enough Protein

Consuming the right amount of amino acids helps to improve mood and generally make you feel better. Better mood means you have an increased chance of fighting the symptoms of depression. Remember to include fish, eggs, legumes and other sources of protein in your diet to ensure you are getting enough.

Try Something New

The 40s is the right age to bring the fire back into your relationship, so why not try out something new in the bedroom. Plan out some adventure trips or romantic holidays together, go for a date with your spouse, or even try out the new range of sex toys on the market. You can easily buy them discretely online, to save any embarrassment factor and there are always some great discounts out there.

Meet up with your Girlfriends

Most of women are so busy juggling family life with their job that they often fail to find the time to spend with their friends. Meeting friends improves self-esteem as well as boosting the mood. Maintaining a social life will help to beat depression and will help you lead a happy life.


Get Regular Check-ups

Make a healthy habit to visit your GP regularly to pick up any hidden health concerns. Have regular tests, for example blood pressure checks, and keep following those healthy habits.

Never ever give up on yourself. Take proper care of yourself just like you would your family and you can lead a healthy life well into old age.

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