10 Reasons You Should Get Outside Today

Spending time in nature is good for both your physical and mental health. It can make you happier and keep you active. Here are some of the other reasons you should get outside today.

1. Increases Your Short-Term Memory

How often have you forgotten where you placed your keys or phone? Spending time outdoors can improve your memory. The University of Michigan conducted a study on this topic. They found students who walked in nature increased their test scores by 20%.

Natural settings also help you focus, enhancing your memory. In the city, there are many distractions, such as traffic or large crowds. Although, urban areas have fewer things you have to pay attention to. Having a stronger memory will help you perform better at work. For parents, getting their kids outside can help improve test grades.

2. Restores Your Mental Energy

Throughout the day you deal with lots of stress, from work to taking care of your children. It can sometimes leave you feeling mentally depleted. Being around nature can help to boost your mood and restore your energy.

Just admiring a beautiful lake can elicit the feeling of awe. This positive emotion can make you feel happier. Spending time outside can also calm your mind. Then you can let go of your stress and focus on what you need to do next.

3. Relieves Stress

Stress is a common emotion, but heading to the park can reduce some of it. When you’re outside, your heart rate decreases, and you have lower levels of cortisol. These physical changes can help you feel more relaxed. Just spending 20 minutes outdoors can lower your stress hormone levels.

Also, the calmer you feel the easier it is to manage your anxiety. Plus, the beautiful views can take your mind off any current worries. Even just seeing nature has been found to improve the stress of office workers. So, try to work near a window or step outside during your lunch break.

4. Improves Your Immune System

When your immune system isn’t functioning properly it can lead to illness. Spending time in nature can lower levels of inflammation. Going to the park can increase the number of white blood cells in your body. These cells help to fight off germs and harmful bacteria. Having a healthy immune system is crucial to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

5. Enhances Your Vision

Studies have found playing outside reduces the risk of children developing nearsightedness. The sunlight prevents the elongation of the eye, which causes the condition. Also, the brighter glow helps people focus without straining their eyes. Improved vision is important for everyday activities, such as driving.

6. Better Concentration

Walking along a trail can restore your mental well-being, which allows you to focus better. Also, with less stimulation, your mind isn’t pulled in too many directions. In addition, with lower levels of stress, you can easily deal with the current situation.

Improving your focus will increase your productivity at work. Plus, the more focused you are the easier it is to brainstorm creative problem-solving ideas.  Also, going outside can be a beneficial therapy technique for children with ADHD.

7. Helps You Manage Your Weight

Being outside encourages physical activity. Exercising is important in strengthening your muscles and boosting your endurance. You need at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day. In addition, working out can keep you at a healthy weight, decreasing the risk of diabetes.

Going for a walk or riding a bike are simple ways to get some fresh air. For parents, take your child to a natural playground. These have equipment made from natural materials, like wood. Natural playgrounds allow children to play more creatively.

8. Gets You Off Your Electronics

In today’s digital world, people spend about 19 hours per day on their screens. Going outside allows you to take a break from your devices and be in the moment. Spending too much time staring at a screen has negative health benefits. One of them is not getting enough rest. The light from your phone can keep your brain awake at night.

Here are some more impacts of too much screen time:

  • Eye strain and headaches
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Neck and back pain
  • Changes in cognition
  • Lower levels of physical activity

9. Improves Your Mental Wellbeing

Spending time outside can reduce stress and anxiety. These may lead to mental disorders if not managed properly. Taking a walk around your neighborhood can help clear your mind. With a more relaxed mind, you can better fight off negative feelings.

In fact, nature therapy can be used to help those with depression. There are multiple types of therapy. For example, adventure therapy includes activities, such as rafting or rock climbing.

10. Increases Your Lifespan

With all the health benefits of nature, you have a longer life expectancy. In addition, living near forests provides clearer air and encourages you to exercise. Exercising also increases your social interaction, improving your mental health. Living a longer and fuller life ensures you make many lasting memories!

Why You Need To Get Outdoors Today

Nature can be beautiful, from stunning lakes to mountain views. Connecting with the outdoors is also beneficial for your mental and physical health. So, the next time you need a break head outside.

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