4 Benefits Of CBD That You’ve Never Even Thought Of

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Medical cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products are seemingly everywhere. Perhaps you’ve heard about them on the news, maybe you’ve seen them in your local health store, or possibly your friend has waxed lyrical about their amazing benefits on social media.

People have always got excited about cannabis, and the same goes for CBD, which is non-psychoactive, and for many more palatable than the regular plant. Sometimes that excitability leads to exaggeration, and it’s important to stress that more research is necessary – so you should take some of the wilder claims with a pinch of salt.

That considered, as a therapeutic agent, CBD is unique, and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that the chemical operates in is still a novelty, even to researchers. The reason we are hearing that CBD can be so beneficial for so much, is because the ECS has a big effect on our physiological and emotional wellbeing, and we didn’t know about it until the 1990s. Research into cannabinoids like CBD, psychoactive delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and delta-8 has been going on for several decades longer, but scientific progress has accelerated dramatically since the discovery of the ECS.

In this article, we’re going to concentrate on four practical uses for non-psychoactive, hemp-based CBD products which are legal everywhere, and made by manufacturers like Kanna CBD. Each benefit will have a relevant CBD study attached to it, which will help to enhance your understanding of CBD.

Nailing That Job Interview

Job interviews can be more anxiety-inducing than most of life’s challenges. First there is the anticipation of it all, and then the big moment, where you are under pressure to say the right things, give the best account of yourself, and handle a curveball question from the interviewer.

To perform at your best, it’s essential to shut out negative mental chatter, and in fact, any chatter at all – you want to stay in the present and listen to the questions being asked and answer them naturally. CBD can help to alleviate anxiety, and with the right products – CBD oils and e-liquids – in minutes. A study on the effect of CBD on public speaking anxiety showed that the substance helps to reduce anxious symptoms before and during the speech. There’s no reason these benefits cannot be harnessed for a job interview.

Relaxing In The Evenings

Most of us need a little something to help us unwind after a long, and typically stressful day at work. But the most popular legal Western vices, alcohol and tobacco cigarettes, are riddled with negatives. Both can be unhealthy and addictive, and while the odd glass of wine or bottle of beer isn’t the end of the world, becoming dependent on these substances can be fraught with danger.

So can you use CBD oils to relax in the evenings? Well yes, in contrast, CBD is not intoxicating, and research on its effect on the opioid system suggests the chemical may even be anti-addictive. Furthermore, CBD soothes stress by reducing cortisol, and increases the concentration of a natural antidepressant, anandamide.

This cocktail of stress-busting and enhanced mood with no risk of addiction or significant short or long-term side effects makes CBD a great option to relax with.

Getting Motivated In The Mornings

The best days are when we wake up and feel like we can take on anything, the worst are when the alarm goes off and simply getting out of bed seems like an achievement. Motivation is key, and neuroscience and ECS research indicates that we may be able to boost it with CBD.

Here’s how it works. The hippocampus, where motivation is regulated, contains CB1 receptors. These are implicated in motivation and can be activated by anandamide. Taking CBD, and especially Hemplucid tincture oils which have the most rapid effect, boosts anandamide by stopping its degradation, or reuptake. Increased anandamide levels in the brains means more CB1-anandamide bonds, and that surge in motivation you’ve been looking before. Combining CBD with a cup of coffee will also give you an energy boost to start the day.

Increase Productivity

The demand for cognitive enhancers (aka nootropics) is on the rise, as people look to improve their concentration at work or fine tune their examination preparations. Studies on CBD and cognition are sparse, but we know that the ECS regulates cognitive function and memory, and that CBD benefits the ECS. Couple this with the anxiety-reducing impact of CBD, which reduces mental clutter as we’ve already discussed, and you may see a boost in productivity.

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