5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

We all know that losing weight is not an easy task. But many people take it to extremes and think that they need to starve themselves in order to reach their target weight. They make drastic changes in their lives, but unfortunately the result is not always what they had hoped for, and while they may initially lose weight they can end up putting it all back on with some extra pounds added on too!

Many may quit after a short time because they simply cannot take the restrictions that they have set upon themselves, or they may be resorting to emotional eating as a means to cope with other problems. You really don’t have to resort to such extreme measures in order to lose a few pounds. Here are my tips to help you lose weight without having to starve yourself silly.

Never EVER Skip Breakfast

It’s all to easy to come up with an excuse and say that you’re too busy to have a proper breakfast in the morning, but you need to understand just how important this meal is, especially if you want to lose weight. Remember that immediately after waking up your body needs feeding, as it’s been in fasting mode whilst you were sleeping, which means your metabolism has slowed down. You can help jump start your body’s metabolism with a great breakfast. Of course, you can’t just eat anything and everything you fancy. Skip the sweet and sugary foods like muffins, waffles, and bagels, and instead eat oatmeal with some fruits and honey, some muesli or eggs on whole wheat toast.

Add More Fibre And Protein To Your Diet

One problem that you might have faced with your current diet, or diets you have tried in the past, is that the food you eat doesn’t make you feel full throughout the day, which means you resort to snacking on quick and easy, but often unhealthy foods that will only make you gain more weight.  You can remedy this by changing your diet and adding in more food that is rich in protein and fibre. For example, for breakfast instead of the usual pancakes or waffles, go for whole-wheat cereal or some Greek yogurt. For your meals for lunch or dinner, choose some lean protein like salmon then add some fruit and vegetables.

Change The Size Of Your Plate

Here’s an easy tip you can follow if you want to lose weight, from now on start using a smaller plate for your meals. A study conducted by Cornell University showed that more than 90% of people finish the food on their plates. That’s obviously not a problem in itself, especially if your diet consists of lots of vegetables and fruits, but our plates seem to be getting bigger and are being packed with more and more fats and bad carbs, which spells trouble. Also, if you are indulging in desserts or high-calorie meals, then having a big plate will not do you any good at all.

Treat Yourself Once In A While

As stated above, many people fail to stick to a healthier diet, because often they feel too restricted. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t have to completely cut out certain types of food from your diet. You can still have the occasional fast food fries or that bowl of cookies and ice cream, but you should only have them occasionally and they should make up part of a balanced and varied diet overall.

Take Health Supplements

If you want a boost to help you with your weight loss journey, there are some supplements that can supposedly help speed up the body’s metabolism, thus resulting in fat loss. One of the most popular on the market is garcinia cambogia. If you are interested and would like more information about this product, make sure you do your research first to find out how it affects the body.

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