5 Ways To Achieve The Duchess Look

When it comes to modern-royal fashion, the first person that comes to mind is the Duchess of Cambridge. Before Meghan Markle became Duchess of Sussex, it had always been Kate Middleton who graced the headlines for her fashion choices and stylish duchess look, and she still continues to do so today.

Many people love the Duchess of Cambridge. Apart from her charity work and her personality, her relatable and elegant style are nothing short of an inspiration for both the young and the young at heart. There is simply nothing not to love about the her.

For those who want to be a copy-Kate and and are looking into becoming a duchess themselves – in terms of looks, at least – you have come to the right place.

Here are some tips to snag that royally striking look.

Stick To A Signature Look

While Duchess Kate’s fashion and style have evolved over the years, it is also evident in her clothing choices that her signature is sticking to mid-length dresses and sleek and sexy, but still sophisticated shoes. While she plays around with her choice of colours, she makes sure there’s always something to balance it all out.

The journey to achieving the duchess look is not difficult. Simply put, the rule of thumb here is to pick a style close to that of Kate without sacrificing comfort. Make sure the chosen pieces of clothing also give you a good and solid confidence boost. For instance, a fascinator won’t be a practical choice, but a good purse is.

Sell What’s Not Needed And Invest in Quality Pieces

Duchess Kate is known to wear clothes from fast-fashion brands just like average people do. It’s undeniable, though, that in recent years she has learned the advantage of investing in carefully and ethically made clothes that use only high-quality materials. Ethically sourced designer clothing is more often than not a better fit, and it washes well. It also withstands the test of time.

To achieve the duchess fashion look, invest in quality clothing – the ones that will not only last a good number of years but will also work well with different looks. While quality pieces always come with a hefty price tag, one can always make a profit out of old clothes that are no longer wanted or needed.

Filter your wardrobe and sell your unneeded clothes, which is easy through different online platforms. Selling items, especially vintage designer bags and shoes, is a great way to finance your duchess-approved style.

Don’t Think Twice About Re-wearing Statement Pieces

It is no secret that Kate Middleton has access to the best designers in the world, being that she is a member of the royal family. Still, that does not stop her from repeating her favourite statement pieces of clothing multiple times!

To achieve the duchess look, learn to be a pro by mixing and matching clothes for a fresh and brand new feel. Once the investment in quality pieces is done, all that’s left to do is re-wear them and give them a new twist with a different hairstyle or a piece of statement jewellery and bag. You can pair them with another pair of shoes for a different feel altogether.

Pick A Favourite And Buy Them In All Colours

Kate has been a media darling ever since, and that makes the media pay intensive attention to her wardrobe. That isn’t totally a bad thing, as this gives copy-Kate fans more ideas. The mum of three is known to own multiple colours of the same items, from shoes to bags, even down to the littlest things, such as earrings. Adorably smart, yes?

Pastels Are Always Proper

Even though Kate Middleton is, beyond doubt, a ray of sunshine, pastels look good on every skin tone. The Duchess of Cambridge is known to gravitate toward pieces of clothing that come in pastel hues, making her every public appearance a truly charming sight to see. Take the hint. Start getting rid of your out-of-date dark clothing pieces, and open rooms for more pastel-coloured clothing pieces.

Now you can emulate Kate Middleton’s style with ease. It’s your time to sweep the world with your charm like Kate has.

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