7 Tips for Choosing the Best Brain Enhancing Supplements

Choosing the right kind of brain enhancing supplements is tricky, as you want to make sure that the supplements you are taking are worth the money. Before making a purchase, do keep in mind that not all brain enhancing supplements are created equal. Another thing you should keep in mind is that supplements are never a good replacement for food. Many studies have shown that the best source of all types of nutrients is from food. The same goes for supplements that are meant to improve your brain health. If you believe that your brain is not getting enough nutrients and that you need a bit of oomph in your diet, then taking brain supplements is just one way to go.

To help you choose good brain enhancing supplements, we’ve compiled 7 helpful tips that you should bear in mind before making a purchase.

Transparent Labels

All types of brain supplements require an ingredients label on their websites and on product packaging, but some companies avoid being completely transparent about all the ingredients in their supplements. Sometimes this is justifiable, like in the cases of proprietary formulas. It’s understandable that a company would want to keep their ingredients a secret to prevent competition however, sometimes companies hide behind such labels to avoid listing all the ingredients in their products. If the label is not clearly marked, you won’t know the number of active ingredients and if you are allergic to certain chemicals, you risk developing an allergic reaction.

Therapeutic Dosage

The best type of brain supplements will have the right amount of nutrients to offer any benefits. Look for supplements that contain just a couple of ingredients and that work synergically, for example Geniux, which contains just the right dosage of active brain-boosting ingredients. There are instances where companies will use a whole bunch of ingredients in their supplements with little to no active ingredients. You need to know the dosage you are getting. Sometimes you may need just one or two vitamins instead of a whole bunch of ingredients that may or may not work for you.

Look At The Ingredients

A supplement may claim to boost brain power, but you need to check if these claims are backed up by scientific research. See if the supplements’ website list any scientific research that proves the benefits of the supplement ingredients. Another way you can be sure about the benefits is to do your own research. The ingredients in the supplement of your choice need to be clinically proven to improve brain health. For instance, Huperzine A was found to improve memory in dementia in several studies in China. Other clinically proven ingredients that were shown to improve brain health are Bacopa Monnieri, Omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vinpocetine, etc.

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Look For Standardised Herbal Extracts

There is a big difference between supplements for memory and brain health that contain standardised herbal extracts and those that contain whole herbs. Choose supplements made with herbal extracts. This way, you will know that the benefits you are getting come from isolated ingredients that were proven to be effective in clinical studies.

Quality Of Assurance

Look for companies who manufacture products in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility. This way, you will know that the product you are purchasing is made according to standards set out by the FDA. The GMP assurance also means that the product actually contains what is on the label and that the raw materials are of high quality.

Look At The Cost

Just like with any other products, supplements will either be high quality, mediocre or complete rubbish. In some instances you are able to work out the quality of a product by looking at the price. Budget products are cheap for a reason, but those in the high-price range may not necessarily indicate quality. Your best bet is to go for brain supplements in the medium price range. Also, make sure to check the amount of product you get for the money. Sometimes a purchase may look like a bargain, but you actually don’t even get a month’s worth of product in the bottle.

Company Reputation

If you still have doubts regarding a certain supplement, it is best to research the company’s reputation online. Read others’ experiences with that particular supplement and see if the company has a good reputation. Other things you should look out for is the companies physical address and contact info. A good company is transparent and makes sure to be available to their clients.

Supplements for brain health are a good way to improve problems with memory, concentration, and mood. But to be sure that you will be getting these benefits from your supplements, you need to do your research before making a purchase. The golden rule when choosing a brain enhancing supplement is to check for label transparency, research background, dosage, cost for value, and company reputation.

When it comes to your health, you need to choose your supplements wisely.

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