Save Coco!

Meet Coco.

He’s the mascot for the #cocotarget competition and he needs your help!

Let me tell you a bit more about him…

5 Things you should know about Coco

  1. He’s incredibly shy, especially with the lady coconuts.
  2. He’s not sure what he wants out of life.
  3. He dreams of being fitter, healthier and well liked.
  4. He might seem like a tough nut, but he’s a real softie.
  5. He like working with others.

Oh and there’s one huge thing that Coco is particularly sensitive about…he’s not actually a nut, in fact he’s not even a fruit, he’s what is known as a drupe…I mean, who’s ever heard of that?

He’d love to be popular like his coconut cousins; oil, butter, vinegar, nectar and cream, but because of his tough, hard to crack exterior he always seems to get left on the shelf.

One day he knows he’ll be part of something big, something huge that will inspire others to get creative with coconuts and show the world just how healthy and tasty these hairy drupes are.

Well that day is today…and you can be the one to help him!

Help save Coco by sending us your healthy coconut inspired recipes.

Oh…and did I mention?

Not only can you save Coco, but you also have the opportunity to win a prize, a really, really good prize!

Check out our #cocotarget competition to find out more and help save Coco.


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