7 Ways To Make Your Kitchen A More Welcoming Space To Cook In

Do you spend your workdays dreaming about your next Martha Stewart-esque culinary creation? If you hope to become a contestant on “Chopped,” you need an appropriate space to whip up your delights. How can you make your kitchen more welcoming? You don’t have to replace your cabinets or flooring or make other expensive upgrades — so rejoice, renters of the world! You can transform your cooking space into a cosy retreat with these seven tips.

1. Declutter

Are your countertops littered with unopened mail and various sets of car keys? If so, it’s no wonder you struggle when you need space to roll out dough for baking. The first step in creating a more welcoming space is to clear the clutter.

Go through your cabinets and remove everything, then put every item in its place. Hang up utensils on a rack under bottom cabinets to save space. Add hooks for keys and backpacks if they tend to pile up on the floor — you don’t want to trip over one and launch your soufflé against the wall.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting

Are you trying to cook under harsh fluorescent lights? No wonder you’re developing a migraine! Recent research from Tufts University showed that LED lighting increased the productivity of participants when compared to fluorescent models. The study had to do with positive improvements in cognition and performance in office employees, but the same is true at home.

Install track lighting that you can direct to the spaces where you need it most, like over the stove. If you’re a renter and you don’t want to spend cash improving your landlord’s property, you can find stick-on, under-cabinet lighting products. These allow you to add subtle, classy illumination over cookbooks and more.

3. Add Seating

If you have an eat-in kitchen but no table, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The same goes if you have an island but no stools. Invest in comfortable seating that your family loves to gather around to share a meal or work on homework assignments.

4. Include A Soft Mat

Step into any commercial kitchen and you’ll see rubber floor mats everywhere. These don’t only prevent slippage on slick tile or concrete. They also help you avoid fatigue from standing for prolonged periods in one spot.

If you’re worried about aesthetics, fear not. You can find attractive comfort mats in a variety of patterns for home use.

5. Invest In Gadgets

The right gadgets can elevate cooking from a chore to an art form. If you have rheumatoid or any of the other types of arthritis, a quality electric vegetable chopper can become your best friend.

Do you love fried food but not all the fat? Invest in an air fryer for crispy treats for a fraction of the calories. An Instant Pot or rice cooker can come in handy on those nights when you want a home-cooked meal but you’re short on time.

6. Upgrade Appliances, Too

If your appliances are more than 10 to 15 years old, you’d probably benefit from upgrading them. Ever since Energy Star branding and other rating systems came along, engineers have designed products to save as many resources as possible. For you, the consumer, this translates into lower utility costs each month.

Additionally, many newer appliances have features that come in handy. For example, a refrigerator with a built-in water filtration system can ensure you boil your broccoli in the best-tasting liquid possible. It can really make a difference. Plus, a worn refrigerator gasket can result in leaks that hurt your wallet, as well as the planet, by wasting resources.

7. Add Personal Touches Like Plants And Photos

Finally, the ultimate way to cosy up any space is to personalize it. Hang your kids’ paintings on the fridge. Add some houseplants, too. NASA research indicates that they cleanse your indoor air of toxins.

Want fresh herbs for your spaghetti? Plant some garlic, oregano and basil in decorative pots and line the windowsill above your sink. You won’t have to go far to keep them watered and growing strong.

Make a Cosy Kitchen To Cook In With These Tips

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to make your kitchen cosier. Create a retreat where you love to nourish your family with these tips.

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