‘Abs’olutely Fabulous!

Fab Abs!

Your free quick & easy Abs Blast Pilates mini workout.

Here’s your free mini workout – just a taster of what we do in our classes and workshops.

Let me know if you need any modifications and ALWAYS seek medical advice before trying any new form of exercise.

Perform 2 to 3 rounds of the 3 exercises.

Happy Abs!

Julia Willmott Abs Blast Russian Twist

Russian Twist

Sit in ‘V’ (tail tucked under abs on). Twist to the right holding weight. Back to centre then to left with control. 15 pairs.

Julia Willmott Abs Blast Oblique Scissors

Oblique Scissors

Engage your core as you bring your right knee in. Twist your left elbow towards your right knee as your left leg extends, then swap sides. 15 pairs.

Julia Willmott Abs Blast Lower Ab Pulses

Lower Ab Pulses

Draw down through your lower abs as you push your heels towards the ceiling. Try to lift your pelvis away from the floor. 15 reps.

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