Creative Career Solutions For Empowered And Ambitious Women: The 2022 Guide

Gender has always played an unnecessarily important role in business, and unfortunately, things are still a little unfair, even though we’re moving forward. No matter the career or industry, women have usually been pushed aside, but not anymore. In all spheres, including the creative one, women are taking back the power and becoming very successful business leaders. If you want to join thousands of successful, empowered and ambitious ladies and show the world your creativity, here are the best 2022 careers to consider:

Landscape Architect

All women who love nature and gardening, as well as architecture, can consider following this career path. Landscape architecture allows you to play with landscapes and plants, but also enjoy the fresh air and warm sun on your job. And if you’re trying to lead a greener life and do your best to protect the environment, this career will give you plenty of opportunities to build green spaces and contribute to sustainability and environmental causes. All in all, landscape architecture allows you to be creative as you bless your community with gardens, parks and other private and public outdoor locations.

Interior Designer

Interior designers work to create safe, functional and aesthetically appealing spaces. They have a job to choose colors, select furniture, lighting, flooring and other architectural elements and decide on decoration. To communicate their plans with architects, engineers, builders and clients, you might be required to know how to sketch or use design tools. In general, the skills you might be required to possess are space planning, project management, purchasing, drafting, budgeting and customer service. And of course, you need to be creative and bold in order to design spaces that are innovative—this is the secret to interior design.

Event Planner

Women excellent in organizing and time management who also want to exercise their creative muscles will thrive in event planning. This career will help you organize the best birthdays, weddings and corporate events while using your organizing skills. To check whether you’re good at event planning, you can start by organizing an event or two for your friends. Also, you can build a crowdfunding website or blog to showcase your creations. If you have ideas, you can even work on hybrid app development and create a planning app with a team of creative. Since these apps can be used on multiple operating systems, you’ll help a lot of clients.

Makeup Artist

It’s never been this easy to become a makeup artist. Interest in makeup has never been this big and more and more platforms are embracing makeup content. People love to play with makeup, create new looks every day and create special character designs. As a makeup artist, you can perform different jobs from working in a salon to holding positions on TV, theater and special effects. If you know you have skills and a steady hand, you can even choose to explore permanent makeup and tattoo makeup. And of course, this job is very creative, just like painting but on a human face. You’ll always have plenty of space to exercise your imagination and turn your dreams into reality.

Video Game Designer

Many still think that video games are reserved for boys and men, but they are straight wrong. Recently, when it comes to game development, more and more women are making splashes in the industry. This career is challenging since it requires many skills and experience, plus it’s still a field dominated by men, but with hard work and some courage, you’ll find your spot in the gaming industry. Creativity and love of gaming are necessary for this job (together with technical knowledge) and you think you can handle it, you’ll show the world that women can excel in the video game industry as well.

Art Director

If you have some previous design experience and want to take your career up a notch, it’s important to consider the role of art director. They work in a different settings like magazines, newspapers, internet blogs, advertising and public relations, and communicate with clients while also managing budgets and timeliness. You will have a team of creatives at your disposal, and be responsible for reviewing and approving creative projects and presenting them to management and clients.

Creative women will always have many interesting and lucrative careers to turn to. In 2022, choose one of these and watch as your creativity grows.

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