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The Art of Healthy Living likes to work together with local businesses by offering them a platform to showcase their skills. This month we’re shining our health spotlight on Amy Murphy Watts, owner and founder of Nature’s Wish.

So, grab a cuppa, sit yourself down in a comfy chair and allow yourselves a few moments of peace as you read through Amy’s story:

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“Working with flower essences came about after I had my first child.

My son wasn’t being himself and a friend recommended that I give him some flower essences. Within a day he was back to himself – a cheeky little eighteen month old! I was so surprised that the essences had worked that quickly that I then began to investigate further into essences and started my training as a Bach Flower Practitioner.

Many years ago I trained in Fine Art at university, which might help explain my love for practical making; jam, sewing, painting, baking etc. This sparked an interest into actually making the essences themselves and so, not long after qualifying as a practitioner, I went on a course to learn how to make flower essences. This truly propelled me into the world of essences and I haven’t looked back since.

In 2010 Nature’s Wish was born.

I am very lucky where I live, here in Liphook it’s not far before you are in the beautiful countryside, and it is mostly from there, as well as the plants that I grow in the garden, that the essences are made. Walking with our lovely dog, Jelly, gives me the chance to tune back in to nature and watch the seasons come and go. It is whilst walking that a plant or tree will connect with me and I will make an essence from that. I know that sounds a bit hocus pocus, but it really is exactly how it happens!

As well as creating essences I also work at home doing massage, healing and flower essences therapy. I combine all the therapies into one, as I often feel that some clients need a little bit more than a massage to help them get past any physical ailments, or any emotional blocks they are feeling. There is usually something emotional going on behind a physical symptom and it is worth working with the client to discover what that is and then clear it away. Working in this way led me to learn how to create and blend oils, which I now combine with essences so that clients can have the products at home to further their own healing path.

Face oilThe Nature’s Wish range has now grown from essences to energy/aura sprays, face oils, massage oils and lip balms. Anyway in which you can get the essences into the energetic system is beneficial. Recently I won an award from the Natural Health magazine for the Balance Face Oil, which was really exciting, and the year before Janey Lee Grace from Janey Loves gave the same product an award too!

The name Nature’s Wish was just perfect; it came to me on a walk. I knew it had to be inspired by nature, as all the essences (be it flower, crystal or environmental) are all connected with nature. Nature’s Wish to me means to be in harmony with nature and soul. This can be a difficult balance to get with the busy lives we all lead, but with essences and other natural therapies I do think it’s possible to feel centred and calm in our hectic world from time to time.

My intention for Nature’s Wish is to grow it so that people are more aware of essences and the benefits that they can bring to our lives. I regularly run courses and promote essences by doing talks, to share my knowledge and hear of other people’s experiences.

energy sprayThe way essences work is so simple, they bring us back to balance, which is something I struggle with when juggling family, school, work etc., as we all do. I say to people to think of essences as another tool in their toolbox of wellbeing. In that tool box there may be essences, homeopathy, EFT, kinesiology, massage and many other forms of therapies and it may be that one day you are reaching for essences, and sometime later tapping with EFT.

They are all great to help us, and surely the more skills we have under our belt to help us, the better!”

amy murphy wattsAmy is the founder and owner of Nature’s Wish and makes all of her products herself. Her extensive range of face and body oils, lip balms, essences, energy sprays along with her treatments and gift vouchers can be purchased at

For more information you can contact Nature’s Wish by:

Email –

Facebook – @natureswishltd

Instagram – @natureswishuk

Twitter – @NaturesWishUK

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