Does My Dog Need CBD? – Most Common Questions Answered

After discovering the benefits of CBD, you’ve probably set out on a quest to incorporate the magic, plant-based miracle into your everyday life. Heck, you probably have that stuff in your kitchen, in your bathroom, and even mixed in with the stuff you use to clean your home. Because it’s true – CBD is an all-safe, all-natural, all-encompassing substance that covers a multitude of purposes both for the health and the home.

But what about ol’ Fido? Studies have found that CBD can actually be beneficial for pets as well, giving your pooch a dose of well-deserved relaxation, calm, and a whirlwind of health benefits. But the question… does your dog need CBD as a part of his daily routine? Find out here.

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

Perhaps the most common question on the minds of CBD enthusiast pet owners is whether or not CBD is actually safe for dogs. And the simply answer is yes, it is. As an all-natural substance, CBD poses very little risk to dogs. Although there’s not quite enough research yet, we do know that the incidence of adverse reactions and severe side effects in dogs is negligible. So, if safety was you’re main concern, it’s worth knowing that CBD is just about as safe for your pet as it is for you.

What Can CBD Do For Dogs?

Lots of things, actually. But if we’re being specific, the biggest benefit that CBD has demonstrated for pets is pain relief. Senior dogs struggling with all sorts of conditions like degenerating bones, arthritis, and muscle and joint pain have been found to show significant improvement when placed on CBD. Post operatively, CBD can also help a pooch regain strength and recover so they can resume they’re regular everyday play and activities soon after leaving the hospital.

Many pet owners have also found that CBD can help a pup calm down in an unfamiliar environment. Trips to the vet or even just a ride in the car can feel particularly stress inducing for a dog who isn’t used to it. Giving a dose of CBD before any of that takes place can help them cope better through the unfamiliar situation.

What Kind Of CBD Products Should My Dog Use?

Just like the market for CBD products for humans, the selection of CBD products for dogs can be pretty overwhelming. For the most part, what you’ll get is a range of treats that are infused with oil to make it easier for you to give your dog a dose without him catching on. Some other pet owners choose human-grade oils and tinctures and just give their dogs smaller doses, which could be ideal if you were hoping to adjust your dog’s dosage to a tee. You can learn more about the CBD oil uses for your pets on

Keep in mind that when you buy products for your dog, you should be most interested in organic formulations. Read the labels and the lab report – are there any fungicides, pesticides, or solvents detected in the product? Even pet-grade CBD products shouldn’t contain any traces of these elements for safe use.

Will There Be Any Side Effects?

The occurrence of side effects in dogs using CBD is rare, and even when they do happen, they’re not always too significant. Nonetheless, it’s worth knowing if your pup isn’t taking too well to the product or the dosage you’ve given. So, when you do administer CBD to your pooch for whatever reason, make sure you observe them for any of the following signs:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Labored breathing
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Loss of appetite

If your dog demonstrates any of these signs, or others that could indicate discomfort, stop the use of CBD immediately and consult your vet. If you decide to resume the use of the substance, make sure you dial down the dosage and read up on your chosen product to make sure it’s the right formulation for your pup.

How Do I Choose CBD Products For Dogs?

To make sure you’re buying a quality product that has the lowest risk for side effects and adverse reactions, it would be wise to read the labels and learn more about what you’re keen on purchasing before you actually push through to check out.

  • Don’t use prices as your basis – Cheaper prices might seem alluring, but there’s a higher cost that comes with a poor formulation. There are loads of people who have access to the ingredients to make CBD infused products for pets, but don’t have the knowledge and skill to make good formulations. Don’t use prices are your basis for selection, and instead look into quality and brand reputation.
  • Read reviews – There’s no greater regret than giving your pet a treat that could potentially put them at risk of harm. Read through verified reviews before buying. Is there a lot of negative feedback for this product? Scout all the avenues where you might find reviews, including threads like Reddit where verified independent reviews abound.
  • Look into labels – Those labels are there for a reason. Offering a wealth of knowledge on the product you’re buying, labels make it possible to understand exactly what goes into your dog’s CBD formulation. Look for organic choices that do away with any harsh chemicals, and make sure you’re buying a product that uses high-grade oil. If your dog is dealing with a sickness, marijuana-derived would be the way to go. For those in search of something milder, hemp-derived oil can be a smart pick.

Treating Your Pooch To Some CBD

Yes, even dogs can benefit from the calming, clarifying advantages of CBD. Intended to give your dog a dose of well-deserved relief and relaxation, Industrial Hemp Farms’ CBD can be a wonderful new addition to your pet care staples. These products are specifically formulated to cater to the needs and biology of your pet, allowing safe use that promises to help you care for your pet with an all-natural product that pose countless health benefits.

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