Monthly Readings From My Teenage Diary – August 1993

Welcome back to my monthly teenage diary.

I’ll let the words speak for themselves this month, so sit back, take some time out for yourself and indulge in a bit of retro ramblings courtesy of teenage moi.

Sunday 1st August

Sheila put rollers in my hair and when they were taken out it didn’t do much so I scrunched it and it looks really nice. Then she did my make up and I actually felt really pretty. I attempted to do hers but it went wrong so she got in a reg with me. Whenever I go over her house I’m sure I must put on at least half a pound, the amount of food she gives me. Mind you she’s always eating, none of it healthy either. Stunned she’s the size that she is.

Monday 2nd August

Period. Babysitting. Sheila staying the night. I’ve chosen a new bed which should be arriving either at the end of the week or the beginning of next week. The builders came today because Mum’s at work tomorrow. GREAT. We got £5 each for babysitting. the kids are really nice, but we both feel really awkward about sending them to bed because they’re older. They’ve also got a really cute puppy and kitten called Georgie and Figaro.

Tuesday 3rd August

Sheila staying the night. We were being really lazy and stuffing our faces all day. I really must cut down. I’ll try not to have any snacks tomorrow, because if I do get really fat it’ll be harder to get rid of it then rather than now. I feel exhausted having only got 5 1/2 hours sleep last night, but I have to suffer the consequences if I really need the money. I felt really awful today, it’s the first time I’ve really suffered from period pains.

Wednesday 4th August

We didn’t end up babysitting because she phoned up to say she didn’t need us any more, which means we lost out on some money. Went on 2 bike rides and paper round so I’ve got quite a lot of exercise. My blood (period) leaked and it was all over my leggings and seat cover. I didn’t tell Sheila but I think she knew something wasn’t right. In Smash Hits they’ve got about Take That on tour describing the concert in detail. It’s really lush.

Thursday 5th August

Went for 1 bike ride and paper round so I’m  still feeling fit. Mum said she’ll pay for £5 worth of school stuff so that’s really helpful, meaning I can buy other stuff. On Saturday when we go shopping I’m going to buy 2 scrap books so I can stick in all my clippings about Take That to keep them tidy. I finished my t-shirt yesterday and I’m really proud of it. I started on another today but I’ll probably have to buy some elastic for it. But I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.

Friday 6th August

I finished my t-shirt today, only problem is it’s a bit short so I’ll only wear it when I’m in a daring mood. Went shopping with Mum and she bought my school stuff so I’ll be able to spend all my money tomorrow. Had two prank phone calls saying “Have the drugs arrived yet”. We’re almost positive it’s Archibald Carter and Lionel Woodward. They’re such crapsters. They put on a fake welsh accent and pretended to be one of A’s friends.

Saturday 7th August

Payday. Sheila’s party. Going into town. The camp were having a bomb practice and yes I had to do my paper round on there. I was scared shitless. In town I bought pinky-red leggings (£2.99), grey jumper top (£11.99) and 2 scrapbooks (£2.80). Went back to Sheila’s and we stuck all our cuttings in our scrapbook. I’ve got to buy some glue on Monday so that I can stick in my A4 pieces. Sheila’s family are really nice, especially two of her cousins.

Sunday 8th August

Out of me, Sheila, Nadine and Claudia, me and Sheila were the only ones who didn’t go to sleep at all so now we’re totally knackered. We actually got out of bed at 5.30am and me and Sheila went outside to the boys tent and whispered, “Quick it’s 9am you’ve slept in”. Then when they were awake we told them the real time. Next week Sheila’s going to Tenby so if we get any babysitting jobs I’ll have to do them on my own. Fine by me.

Monday 9th August

I felt totally knackered today but still managed to get up for my paper round. Went to Malmesbury this morning and bought another scrapbook, nail varnish remover and some cheapo bubble bath. I’ve managed to finish all my expedition work so that’s all out of the way now. I’ve moved my furniture around and it’s really nice. I’m going to paint Mum’s bedside table and put it in a corner, then for my birthday I’m gonna get a TV to put on it. It’ll look so lush.

Tuesday 10th August

I bought Fast Forward today because it was out. Mum and A have been out all day with football so I’ve been watching the video Dracula. It’s OK but takes a lot of concentration to understand it. I could really spit on Winona Ryder she’s so pretty. I wish I was going to Extravaganza 93, it would be so brill to see Take That so soon again. I hope I get a reply from Mark. It’s been two weeks since I’ve sent the first letter.

Wednesday 11th August

Sheila rang today from a phone box asking whether I could get her the My Guy special which I thought was a bit of a cheek. I told her I couldn’t, which is true. Got £5 for babysitting. I must remember to take a key with me at all times because I was later than I expected tonight. I phoned up to win all of Take That’s tour gear. It was a different phone line meaning it cost me 72p and I got nothing out of it.

Thursday 12th August

Babysitting 4pm. She cancelled so I lost out on some money. Our Story has come in so Mum’s getting it for me tomorrow (I can’t wait that long!). I played football with A for a bit because we were bored. It was quite funny actually because the ball kept landing in the compost heap. I hope Stan collects Terminator on the Friday because I’m away all weekend and so he’ll have to wait until Monday and he’ll probably have a got at me.

Friday 13th August

Aerobics. Ask for Twix. It’s only 6.20pm so I don’t know whether I’m going to Aerobics or not, it all depends whether Sheila phones me. I’ve read Our Story, it’s really good but I don’t know whether to believe that information. It says Mark is 21, but even though it is official and they wrote it themselves in the Summer Tour programme it says he’s 19 so I don’t know what to believe. I want him to be 19 because it lowers my hope if he is 21, it’s too big an age gap. Someone is supposed to be phoning me because they rang last night and I was asleep. I don’t know who it is. It’s really miffing me.

Saturday 14th August

Payday. Going to Grandads. I did end up going to Aerobics. There was only about 10 of us there. Stan gave me £2 for looking after his hamster. Today we went into Reading town centre. I bought a checked sleeveless shirt and Mum bought me a cardigan and some platform shoes for school. Today is the Extravaganza, I really wish I could have gone. It’s well depressing.

Sunday 15th August

Went for a walk on the river. It was so boring but I saw a few hunks so I suppose that made up for it in a way. In the evening we went for a meal, which again was boring. When we got back home I watched The Ozone which made me slightly depressed because the Extravaganza looked really good. Mark’s got his hair different. Apparently they’re bringing a single out in October or November. Mark sings a song called Babe.

Monday 16th August

I went over to Sheila’s at about 1.00pm. Mum washed my leggings with one of my Take That t-shirts and now it has a subtle shade of pink to it, I could have killed her. Sheila taped Extravaganza 93 off of the radio so I taped off of her. It’s good but depressing at the same time knowing that we didn’t go. I bet Betty did, it would bug me. They even dropped their trousers and their pants were see through from the sweat. Phwoar.

Tuesday 17th August

Went over to Sheila’s and we sunbathed using oil. Don’t reckon either of us got tanned, but then I knew that from the beginning. We were both imagining Take That would suddenly walk up the drive and sunbathe with us. Of course it would never happen but I suppose that’s why you have to dream about it. Got £3 for babysitting so I’ll probably spend that in town tomorrow. I know I shouldn’t, but you only live once.

Wednesday 18th August

I bought 6 magazines today and I feel so guilty. I’ve worked out what I need to save and split it up into separate pots. Let’s just say I’ll be skint for a while. Mind you there was quite a few good things about Take That in the magazines. Went into Chippenham with Sheila. I’m sure two boys walked past me and said, “She’s gorgeous”. It’s probably just my imagination running riot. I wonder.

Thursday 19th August

I wrote down 50 of my wishes as inspired by Just 17 (see end of post).  I doubt whether any of them will come true especially Mark marrying me. I’ve decided that if I have enough money I’ll send Mark or Take That a Christmas present in a package. They’ve got to reply if I do that. I listened to the meditation tape briefly that I got from the library, it’s really creepy. The thing is I don’t think I could sit down and concentrate for that long and as for the IQ test, I never seem to have a spare hour. Anyway my IQ’s probably only about 50.

Friday 20th August

Babysitting 8pm. Going to Sheila’s. Sheila babysat for Winnie for an hour and then is joining me at Claire’s afterwards, then we’re splitting the money in half that we managed to get. I had a bit of an argument with Sheila because we’ve got to do an Aerobics routine and we thought we could use Take That’s dance routines, except Sheila couldn’t be bothered. The thing I got annoyed about is that she’s always bossing me about and I’m fed up of it.

Saturday 21st August

A got some football boots worth £25 so I’m getting £25 which I can either spend on a swimsuit, bag or clothes and my decision is in that order. Dad got back and he’s totally knackered due to jet lag. He bought Mum and himself some feminine and masculine Eternity and it’s really nice, just like Obsession. Thing is it’s really expensive and there’s no way he’d buy some for me. I’ll borrow Mum’s

Sunday 22nd August

Went to Leekes to look for a swimming costume but they were all really aggie so I’ve got to look for one tomorrow. I found out today that A’s football boots actually cost £79 so my parents lied to me just so I wouldn’t ask for £79. The thing is I’m stunned they gave me any money at all, I don’t care about the amount I’m just pissed off because they lied to me. They must have a very low opinion of me.

Monday 23rd August

Went into Swindon and got a swimsuit. I was hoping for a really groovy one, but ended up with my usual black one. I also bought a red shirt for £7.99 in New Look. I thought I’d made a mistake at first, but I think I like it now. I also bought a hairbrush, VO5 hot oil and some shower gel and had £2.09 change, which helped with my savings. If I’d been sensible I would have saved all of it, but I’m not what you’d call sensible with money.

Tuesday 24th August

Bournemouth. Travelled for almost two hours and I’m not sure whether it was worth it or not. I feel totally knackered. We have swam, been in the spa bath, played squash and table tennis, and walked to Winter Gardens twice. OK I must admit I was looking and hoping to get a boyfriend. Not a chance. It’s the same as every other holiday. I tag along behind Mum and Dad probably looking really childish.

Wednesday 25th August

Bournemouth. Today we went to Monkey World and it was really funny, but sad at the same time because of what had happened to them before they’d been rescued. If I had more money I would have adopted one gladly. There’s supposed to be a disco on tonight, but I expect the music will be really aggie and all the little kids will be dancing with their parents. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t dare dance in front of Mum and Dad. How embarrassing.

Thursday 26th August

Bournemouth. The disco last night had really good music and the DJ was really funny, he even put some Take That music on when I asked for it and he publicly announced I chose it. I wanted to dance, but no one else would and there was no way I would have gone on my own. We went to an Alice in Wonderland park, but it was totally crap. I bought 3 magazines, one was an unofficial Take That tour souvenir, but it was quite good.

Friday 27th August

Paultons Park. I must admit I had expectations of the runaway train being at least slightly scary, but to put it in one easy word – CRAP. I had the job of videoing the house so we could take it down to show Grandma and Grandad. It’s really fun. I had about 1/2 an hours worth because the others were watching A play football. I got no post. I was hoping Mark would write back to me, but it’s been just over 4 weeks now so I bet he won’t reply.

Saturday 28th August

I managed to get all the animals cleaned up and when sorting through the newspaper I came across various articles on Take That, so I was quite pleased with that. I don’t so much as need to lose weight, but I need to tone my tummy up because I tried on my black tight dress and my stomach sticks out making me look pregnant. I was greatly disappointed because I didn’t get any post. I’m waiting for a reply from Tanya, it should be a good one.

Sunday 29th August

I must admit I was bored today. I was hoping Sheila would ring because I thought she got back today, but she hasn’t. I want to know whether she managed to get my magazines, because if she didn’t get Fast Forward then I needn’t get it this Tuesday. I have got a serious case of spot alert. I held off squeezing them, but today I did and even though it looks better at the moment I know they’ll come back and be 100% worse than they were in the first place. Oh well, that’s teenage life for you!

Monday 30th August

Going to Grandma and Grandad’s. They gave me £15 in total of which £5 was holiday money and £10 birthday money even though it is very early seeing as my birthday is in November, but I’m not complaining. I’m putting it in my Post Office account tomorrow. It was pretty hectic because everyone was down there including Augustus who tends to get a bit hyper and Ramona who seems to want me to play all these different things with her. Michael is cute though, even though it’s hard to understand him sometimes.

Tuesday 31st August

Period. Sheila came over and because I had more TT posters I had to rearrange my walls and stick all the clippings in my scrapbook. We popped round to see Claudia because she needed to talk to Sheila about some expedition work and she gave us our presents she bought us back from France which was 2 bars of chocolate each. We stayed talking for about an hour and a half mainly slagging Noreen off because I don’t think any of us like her.

Wishes List

I wish…

  1. 1. Mark Owen would marry me.
  2. I knew what my future was.
  3. I was popular.
  4. There were no diseases.
  5. Everybody was happy and peaceful.
  6. That my hair would grow quicker.
  7. My veruca would go away.
  8. No one had periods.
  9. I was brainier.
  10. I had more clothes.
  11. I was more confident.
  12. I was prettier.
  13. I had a bigger room.
  14. I would tan.
  15. Robbie Williams lived next door.
  16. I could lose weight faster.
  17. No one got spots.
  18. Everyone is equal.
  19. I’d gone to Extravaganza 93.
  20. I knew Take That’s phone numbers.
  21. Every gorgeous boy fancied me.
  22. I liked Take That before everyone else.
  23. I was at Take That’s first gig.
  24. I had everything on Take That.
  25. My parents weren’t so old-fashioned.
  26. I could confide in people.
  27. People wouldn’t judge me.
  28. I didn’t have to go to the vets.
  29. Money grew on trees.
  30. Animals weren’t tested on.
  31. Summer would be summer.
  32. Hullavington had night life.
  33. Take That lived in Hullavington.
  34. I had an IQ of 150.
  35. Everything I wore looked good.
  36. No one felt pain.
  37. There were no wars.
  38. Animals could voice their opinions.
  39. I would never die.
  40. I wasn’t scared of dying.
  41. Bombs hadn’t been invented
  42. There weren’t anything called telephone bills.
  43.  I could go to Chelmsford.
  44. I could tour with Take That.
  45. I could see the Zig and Zag advert.
  46. Betty hasn’t gone to see Take That.
  47. Everyone was a vegetarian.
  48. The world wouldn’t explode.
  49. Hair wouldn’t grow on my legs or underarms.
  50. Love would last forever.

No words…

*All names have been changed from those in my teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.


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