Dr. Whalen Named Best Chiropractor In Virginia Beach

Chiropractic care is one of those healthcare branches that sees the greatest rise in the last decade or two. More and more healthcare professionals are treating patients with this ancient technique for relieving the pressure in the nervous system.

Over 70,000 licensed and registered chiropractors work in the US. Some of them are amazing, while others are not the best fit for some patients, which is why you need to choose your chiropractor carefully. With over 8.5 million citizens, Virginia has hundreds of chiropractors to choose from.

In Virginia Beach and the surrounding cities, there are only are a couple of dozens. Among them, there’s Dr. Whalen, who a licensed chiropractor for years, who has been the best Virginia Beach chiropractor for years.

Now, Dr. Whalen is receiving an award for his long commitment to the work and his professionalism in the field of chiropractic care. He has been named the best Chiropractor in Virginia Beach, and his satisfied patients are the ones that truly made this award possible.

Who Is Dr. Whalen?

Dr. Michael Whalen is the head chiropractor of the Alpine Health Center. This is a practice for patients suffering from personal injuries, or those who want to treat themselves to have better health and live a better life.

In his practice, you can get treatment for many different issues. Aside from standard massages, they also have laser therapy, acupuncture, personal injury-whiplash injury therapy, active release treatment, and others. Whatever you might need from your chiropractor, they have it.

This is the main reason why Dr. Whalen has been named the best chiropractor in Virginia Beach. He has a wide variety of treatments and is skilled in all of them. No patient will walk inside his practice to leave disappointed or untreated. No injury is severe enough for him and his team to be unable to treat.

What Makes A Good Chiropractor?

When you’re choosing a chiropractor for the first time, you need to know a couple of things that will make you choose the best there is. The best chiropractic care should be near your residence because it is rare that someone without a single problem goes to this type of doctor. Learn more about this here.

Although it’s a great idea to visit one while you’re feeling perfectly healthy, most people go when they feel some kind of pain. If you’re in pain, you don’t want to drive two hours back and forth for getting a great massage. If you’re living in Virginia Beach, Dr. Whalen is surely nearby.

Then, you should mind the experience of the doctor and the team working with them. The doctor needs to be highly skilled and experienced to be sure that the treatment will be helpful. Not every doctor will know how to do the job. Chiropractic care is complex and requires a lot of experience for the treatments to work perfectly.

To know who the best is, you should also look at online reviews and check the various chiropractic care practices’ reputations. The internet is a database of tons of information, and the chiropractic care industry is not an excuse. Go to some of the most popular review websites and see what people say about some of the chiropractors in your area.

If you live in Virginia Beach, you’ll find a couple of options in the city and the surrounding places. See which ones enjoy the highest reputation. Those that have the best reputation are always a top choice. It means that they’ve made tons of patients satisfied.

If you look at Alpine Health Center on Google, you’ll see that they enjoy a flawless reputation of 5.00 stars, which only speaks about their quality. Choose only this type of review score when you need health treatment. See here how Google reviews work: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-star-ratings-guide/416951/.


Ask anyone in Virginia Beach about Dr. Whalen, and you’ll only see a positive response. He is a valuable member of the community and is well-known for his healthcare chiropractic treatments. His patients mean the world to him, which is why they are so satisfied and happy when they leave the practice, and the award is no surprise to those that know Dr. Whalen.

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