Evermore Health Shot Review

How cool does this health shot look? Like a little test tube of glowing radioactive liquid, I’m hoping knocking back this Clean & On Fire juice shot from Evermore will have me powered up like a Marvel superhero!

Now, I’ve guzzled a lotta juice in my time and I totally get the health benefits associated with it, but you’ve got to be careful you don’t consume too much, because yes it’s natural, but there’s a whole heap of sugar in fruit juice that plays absolute havoc with blood sugar levels and don’t even get me started on what too much fruity acid can do to your teeth. However, this is different in that it is literally one mighty shot of the good stuff and as the packaging states, you’ve gotta…

‘Shake it      Down it      Feel It’

So, what’s in it? Well, this particular one is a combination of ginger, turmeric (that explains the colour), lemon and apple juice, all pretty strong flavours and I must admit I’m ever so slightly concerned about how strong this shot is gonna be!

I unscrew the lid and the strong smell of ginger instantly wafts up and singes my nostril hairs – yep it’s seriously that strong – right there’s only one thing for it…

Bottoms up!

I’ve been known to down a shot or two from time to time and that’s precisely how this juice needs to be treated. Down in one and get ready to be hit with that intense afterburn. Woah and boy does it kick like a mule! It’s intense, sour, strong and gives you a real ‘sucking on lemons’ mouth, but it also feels good and you know you’ve fed your body with something incredibly good.

I’m fairly tough to impress, but amazingly it gave me immediate clarity and cleared up my fuzzy head, which had been threatening to turn into a headache all morning; it helped to kind of clear the clouds away. And just as the message on the bottle states, it really did give me focus and energy. I’m super impressed by it and it’s not often I get a product that I genuinely think I would go out and spend money on, but if I saw this in a shop and I felt as though I needed a boost, I wouldn’t hesitate buying it.

The quantity is definitely enough. As I said, you literally treat it like a shot, and OK I couldn’t necessarily hand on heart say that I overly enjoyed the taste, but then I don’t enjoy the taste of alcoholic shots either really – well apart from tequila rose, that is seriously lush! More and more people, particularly the younger generation, are moving away from drinking alcohol and instead turning to healthier, alco-free elixirs to get their natural highs, so I can see this product doing exceedingly well.

The juices are currently only available by invitation only, yep they are that exclusive, but you can go to the Evermore Health website and sign up to their list to ensure you get early access – it’s deffo worth doing!

*Product received as part of the Be:FIT goody bag

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