How To Keep Your Vacation From Derailing Your Health

man in swimwear doing a cartwheel on the beach showing that fitness is possible when on holiday

Summer is here, that magical time of year when some people may look anxiously towards their vacation. We all need a little R&R from time to time, but many vacationers return to the office a week later feeling less than their best from neglecting to take care of themselves the way they normally would.

Leisure time doesn’t have to mean ignoring a daily workout and guzzling margaritas all day. Of course, it can if you want it to — no judgment! But if you’re looking for some tips for staying fit and healthy even while enjoying a well-deserved vacation, read on!

Stick To Your Diet, At Least Somewhat

You don’t have to keep up with the kale puree, but you also don’t have to make the 24-hour cruise line buffet your sole vacation destination. Before traveling to a tourist hot spot, use a travel site to pinpoint destinations known for local fare indigenous to their location.

You can expand your palate while eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, which are naturally healthier than many of the processed foods we consume at places like chain restaurants.

Carry A Water Bottle And Alternate Drinks

Yes, vacation time means indulging in adult beverages, but you can kick your morning-after head to the curb by alternating one non-alcoholic drink for each boozy number you consume. This need not mean opting for Perrier, although you certainly can. You can also jazz things up with sexy mocktails to play up the vacation vibes.

Plan Some Physical Activities

Indulge in bucket list items like parasailing or scuba diving, depending on your location. Such activities get your heart pumping and burn calories, although you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll never notice.

If heading to the mountains, research hikes and mountain bike trails before you go. If heading to the beach, plan some early morning barefoot runs along the shore. Research other creative ways to get some physical activity in while you’re out having fun, such as something as simple as opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Learn Body Weight Exercises

Whether or not your holiday accommodation has a gym on the premises, you can still get a decent workout in your room. You can cycle through circuit exercises including squats, crunches or burpees from anywhere. You can also opt to pack lightweight fitness bands in your carry-on to pull out for additional resistance.

Walk Instead Of Drive

When you drive, you hardly experience the local culture in the same way you do when on foot. Plus, breezing past sights at 45 mph hardly allows you to revel in the wonder of natural monuments, quirky roadside shops and interesting, if somewhat hidden, museums.

Whenever possible, opt to walk when exploring your destination of choice. Not only will you experience far more, you’ll be kinder to the environment. You could also rent an electric bike so you can pedal at times, but relax and take in the view via engine power when climbing otherwise lung-busting hills.

Relaxing Beyond Food And Booze

Yes, good food and drink makes holidays sweeter, but you’re out of the office to do more than pad out your waistline. Use your downtime to explore interests you seldom get to enjoy on the clock. If you love to help others, look into a vacation which makes volunteer work part of the fun.

If you enjoy literature, dig deep into a novel or set of books you’ve wanted to read. If you enjoy natural history, explore a museum dedicated to it, or even help out on an archeological expedition. If planes fascinate you, take a flight lesson. Do anything which tickles your fancy and pulls you away from the buffet table for a bit.

Healthy, Happy Holidaying

Taking a break from the daily routine doesn’t need to mean gaining weight and feeling sluggish. Your leisure time is your opportunity to pursue your passions — and not just those for good food and drink. Follow these tips, and you’ll return from your break feeling both refreshed and as fit as the day you left!

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