How Relationship Marketing Can Help Your Business In The Beauty Sector

When you have a business, it is really important to ensure that not only do you attract customers in the first place, but you also have them coming back for more. Repeat customers are just as important, if not more so than new customers, so you want to ensure that you can entice as many back as possible. This is also particularly true if you are within the beauty industry.

Beauty consumption and the cosmetic market has experienced unprecedented levels of growth over the past few years. Some of the reasons attributed to this are thought to be beauty influencers, online tutorials and greater access to a faster delivery on products. While this success is great, it also means that the market is much more saturated than it once was and you will need to focus even harder on your marketing efforts to get seen and remembered. A big part of this is relationship marketing. Below we explain a bit more about relationship marketing and how it can help your business.

What Is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is basically focusing on building a relationship with your customer that will mean they do ongoing business with you, rather than just a one-off transaction. More traditional marketing methods focus on just acquiring a customer in the first place and having as high a number of customers as possible. This is great, but if you don’t focus on retaining these customers then efforts can soon be futile and numbers can drop.

There are many ways that you can help to build a relationship marketing strategy. The main thing to focus on is that the customer has the best experience possible. It is this that will make them come back to you for more, rather than going to another competitor. It will also mean that they will recommend you to others and can bring in new customers. Why not get some high-quality business cards that add a personal touch? It is also a good idea to tailor your site and information to them so that they feel they have a more personalised experience with you. One way you can do this is by allowing them to create a user profile and sign up for your website. This way you can ask them their preferences and create a newsletter with information that is more relevant to what they want to receive.

How Can I Implement Relationship Marketing To My Business Plan?

You can also allow them to sign in through their social media profiles which will connect them to your own social media presence. You can tailor social media adverts such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach certain audiences such as repeat customers. This will mean that they can receive exclusive offers or information because they have shopped with you already. This could be an offer for a new lipstick or early access to a product launch.

The benefits of relationship marketing include a higher customer lifetime value, a reduction in new advertising spend as the customer will already be aware of you and an increase in word of mouth traffic for new customers. By adding in relationship marketing you will find that your business improves both in the short term and the long term. There are so many reasons to implement it in your strategy.

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