How to Erase Negative Influence and Live Positively

All of us are likely to have experienced negativity at some point in our lives.  People are often afraid to express themselves due to either the negative voices in their head or from the influence of other people’s negativity. If you are unhappy and full of negativity yourself, then it is highly unlikely you will be able to stop this rubbing off on the people who surround you everyday.

Everything that happens in your life affects you and the outcome depends very much on you and how you choose to react to a situation. You can make yourself happy by changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Put simply, you make yourself happy by the choices you make. If a tornado blows your house down, you can be either grateful to be alive or miserable because you have lost all your stuff. Yes, you may feel both, but paying more attention to being glad you’re alive is a a much more productive and positive way to pick yourself up and plan for the future. Just think, that ghastly vase your aunt gave you is gone now, so you can always give something negative a positive spin.

It is up to you to find happiness by changing your behavior if something does indeed bother you.

If you don’t fit in well with people where you live now, it could be that you’d fit in better if you went back home where everyone reacts to things the way you do and can tell if you’re just joking. Or if you didn’t fit in at all where you grew up, there may be a different region where the social climate is much closer to your way of life.

Setting and doing your best to achieve goals will allow your dreams to come true.

Set lots of small goals in order to achieve big goals. Having at least one small achievement a day does wonders for positive mental attitude. Don’t put a hard deadline on the big goals, life happens and sometimes they get put off or come into reach sooner. Success in the small day-to-day goals will set you off in the right direction.

Taking advice from others is good, however, you are the only one that knows whether the advice will help you.

If you’ve tried it and it didn’t work, trying again might not be a bad idea. If you’ve tried and tried and tried again and it still hasn’t worked, stop and rethink it. Something is missing and it isn’t always your will power. Try approaching it in a different way and brainstorm other ways to achieve your goal.

Positive thinking will improve your life.

Positive thinking is looking at things as they are and choosing to pay a little more attention to the good things; small kindnesses, small beauties in life and sharing those rather than sharing the equally inevitable gripes. Obviously bad things do happen and not everyone is nice all of the time, but sharing a bit of compassion for them and moving on knowing you were kind is the positive way to approach life. It’s seeing a dewdrop on a weed and remembering there is beauty; no matter where you are there is always beauty for those who look for it.

When you are happy, look inside yourself to understand why.

If you understand why you are happy, you can learn to control and arrange your life to maximize situations in which you’ll be happy in future. It’s natural for people to question themselves when things go wrong so as to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Also, when you are sorting out what went wrong, stand back from it a little and don’t just look at it in black and white. Look at it from all sides.

Mindfulness is a great technique to learning how to erase negativity from your life and fill it instead with positive thoughts. For more information about mindfulness read our article – ‘Simple Steps to Mindfulness’.

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