How To Save Money On Your Medications

Medications are expensive, especially if you live in the United States. This is because US citizens pay more in capita for prescriptions than other industrialized nations in the world. If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease or might need costly medication, the costs of these necessities can add up quickly. Thus, if you’re looking for ways to save money on prescriptions, here’s what you can do.

Consider Generics

If your doctor wrote you a prescription for a brand-name medication, this does not mean you will have to follow and pay a lot for what your doctor prescribed. It is essential to know most brand-name medications have a generic alternative. This usually comes at a lower price, ones that won’t hurt your budget.

Brand-name medications and generics contain the same active ingredients. Not only that, but they both are also available in the market in the same quantity.

If you have trouble affording your prescriptions, it is recommended to ask your doctor to write you a generic version.  That way, you can save some money and buy the medication you need. Furthermore, you should know that you can also ask your pharmacist for a generic version of your doctor wrote you a brand-name one.

Try Out Free Medication Samples

If your doctor prescribed you an expensive type of medication, try to ask for free samples. Most doctors get so many medications from pharmaceutical industries that they can pass along to patients. This can be a big help if you can’t afford what the doctor has prescribed.

Learn About Pill Splitting

You can try ordering a double dose of your prescription and split the pills in half. It will help if you keep in mind that this strategy depends on your doctor’s medication and mail-ordered doses. In some cases, pill splitting can save you a lot of cash.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can provide you a list of medicines that can be split in half safely. It is vital to know that if a pill has been approved for splitting by FDA, there will be a piece of information illustrated in the “how supplied” section of your medicine label. Moreover, there will also be a visible line that shows you where you need to split the pill.

It is recommended to split one pill at a time. This means you should use both halves of the pill first before you go and split a new one. Moreover, it is vital to talk to your healthcare provider first before you try out pill-splitting.

Know About Medication Copays

It is essential to get to know your co-insurance or copays. You can start by researching your tier copay. Go to your insurance website or communicate with them through a call and ask them concerning tiers on your insurance plan.

Copay tiers for prescriptions tend to vary. For example, several plans have $10 to $25 copays for generic alternatives or “preferred” medications. On the other hand, some plans have a $35 to $100 copay on brand-name, non-preferred or non-formulary medications.

This goes out to your pets as well. For instance, if you’ve taken out an insurance policy for your dog, you can view Fenbendazole here and get it under your policy. This will save you money on this prescribed medication for your furry friend.

Shop Around

If you choose to pay total cash rather than using copays, it is essential to shop around. This strategy can help you save cash in the long run. Check for pharmacies that offer the lowest prices and choose to get your prescriptions from them. You may take a look at for best affordable medication prices.

It might help if you know that if you can’t find the ones with the lowest prices, feel free to ask your pharmacist. They tend to help patients who can’t afford your medication by offering them ways to reduce costs. Moreover, pharmacists can aid you in maintaining consistency with your prescriptions; that is why it is best to buy all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy.

Consider Discount Savings Program

Search for discount cards and coupon codes online. Many websites such as BuzzRx can help you get the coupon you need for your prescriptions. Furthermore, it is vital to know that discount savings programs usually work if you pay your medications in cash.

Bring your discount card or code to the pharmacy of your choice, and they will automatically enter the code to get the discount you need. Several pharmacies are currently comfortable with accepting these types of discount cards or codes. However, not all of them accept. Hence, it is best to call first before you decide to go there.

Take Advantage of Mail Order Pharmacy

Several medications are affordable if ordered online. This is because mail-order pharmacies usually have a lesser overhead compared to local pharmacies. That is why they can afford to sell several medications at lower prices.

It is recommended to contact your health insurance provider to find a reliable mail-order pharmacy. They might have partnerships or relationships with a particular mail-order pharmacy.

Final Thoughts

Although medications can be pretty costly in the US, there is no need to worry. Several ways can help you afford the prescriptions you need. Furthermore, as a gentle reminder, it is vital to know that it is vital not to skip your doses no matter how expensive the prescription is.

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