How To Unblock A Sink?

A blocked sink is nothing less than a nightmare for all of us. Sinks do block commonly, and most people use professional help to get rid of this blockage. But you do not really need professional help when you can do this all by yourself. We are going to describe some methods which you can use to unblock a sink. Even if you have not unclogged a sink in your entire life, this article will teach you in detail how to unblock a sink with minimum effort and without wasting any time.

Causes Of The Blockage

There can be numerous reasons behind the blockage of the sink. Now, why knowing the causes of the blockage is important? Sometimes, some methods work well with a certain type of blockage. So, it is important to know the causes to deal with a respective type of blockage. If a garbage disposal unit is installed in your sink, it may also cause blockage in the sink. Garbage, vegetable wastes, and throwing other things into the sink also cause blockage. Grease and oily products are another reason for the blockage. Make sure you are aware of the cause of the blockage. In this way, the process will become much easier for you.

Method 1

This is quite an easy method to unblock a sink, and this method does not require the use of professional equipment. The only thing you need is water. Firstly, you will have to boil water. Now, pour this water into the sink slowly, and do not throw anything else in the sink for an hour. This method is very effective if the blockage is caused by grease, oil, or vegetable fats. The sizzling water will dissolve the oily products in it, and the sink will be unblocked. Note that this method will not work well with any other kind of blockage.

Method 2

If the sink is blocked because of any waste material, use a plunger to unblock it. Place the plunger on the sink and move it back and forth. The sink will be unblocked in a couple of minutes.

Method 3

Another method to unclog or unblock a sink is carried out by using salt and baking soda. Clear any standing water which cannot pass through the sink because of the blockage. Now, the sink has no water in it. In the next step, you would have to prepare a mixture of salt and baking soda. Mix in a bowl one cup of baking soda with one cup of table salt and put this mixture into the sink. Wait for at least 1 hour and do not use the sink during this time. Let them do their magic.

Hopefully, after an hour, the sink will be unblocked. This method is used in the sink is blocked due to the use of hard water.


Make sure to detect the type of blockage before starting the process because if you try the wrong method, there will be a chance that the sink will not become unblocked. Another thing to keep in mind is that never delay this work. Otherwise, the blockage may become permanent, and you would need the help of a professional.

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