Oral Health: A Window to Your Overall Health

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You may not even be aware of this fact, but your oral health and dental hygiene can greatly affect your overall health. Essentially, there’s a clear mouth-body connection, and if you’re experiencing certain issues with your body, the cause of it all may truly be some kind of dental problem.

So, why not adopt the Aussie mindset that helps them take self-care more seriously? It all starts with knowing the dangers and consequences of neglecting your health, oral health included. Not only can this encourage you to take better care of your teeth, but it can also shed some light on possible health issues you may have been dealing with so far.

What’s The Connection?

Your mouth is filled with bacteria. No matter how gross this may sound, these bacteria are mostly harmless. However, if one doesn’t have proper oral hygiene and ignores all dental issue signs, bacteria can become stronger and more harmful, thus leading to gum disease, tooth decay, infections, etc. Once something like this happens, your general health is also in danger.

What Can Happen?


People who suffer from diabetes are more prone to infections. This naturally includes gum disease as well. However, once the damage on the gums is done, the challenging aspect of controlling blood sugar for patients with diabetes means that the condition can only worsen. What’s more, gum infections and tooth decay have been treated as some of the main signs of diabetes. And with proper oral hygiene and periodontal care, controlling diabetes can be more effective.

Heart disease

This is obviously one of the most serious and dangerous aspects of ignoring your oral health. In general, gum infections and tooth decay can increase the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. It’s not a given that everyone with bad oral health will undoubtedly suffer from some kind of heart disease as there are other factors involved, such as smoking, age, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. However, there is a link with a heightened risk of heart issues, as mouth infections can spread and affect your heart health. High levels of mouth bacteria can lead to plaque buildup in the arteries, which can then cause a stroke or a heart attack.

Even though there’s no absolute connection between oral health and such severe health conditions, there is a clear link with endocarditis. Essentially, this condition is a heart lining inflammation, and the inflammation is primarily caused by bacteria – oral bacteria included. When you think about the simple fact that you can enjoy all the scenic treasures that the country of Australia has to offer, and even travel the world in search of amazing experiences, taking good care of your teeth and body is well worth the effort and healthy daily habits.

Knee and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Bone and tooth loss, as along with bacteria that travels from your mouth via bloodstream, can also be a concerning factor when it comes to knee and rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis overall. Although it can’t be proven that bad oral health is the cause of these conditions, there is a link between the two in the sense that bone and tooth loss are usually conditions found in patients suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s important to take adequate medication for osteoporosis. Otherwise, tooth loss is imminent and can lead to all sorts of other health issues.

Respiratory Illnesses

Neglecting oral hygiene so much that the mouth bacteria levels rise and cause inflammation and tooth decay is something that can lead to serious respiratory illnesses. The connection here is clearer as patients with an already weakened immune system can easily breathe in plaque, which can then lead to all sorts of problems such as pneumonia. Not only that, but mouth bacteria can also worsen existing lung conditions such as emphysema. This is a real concern and it’s essential that people take their oral hygiene seriously. Remember to have regular checkups as well. With the possibility to quickly and comfortably receive orthodontic treatment, there’s no reason to put this off anymore. After all, dental technology, like everything else, has come a long way to ensure a positive experience.


Pregnant ladies should be very careful and thorough when it comes to oral hygiene. There’s a bigger risk of tooth problems during pregnancy, which is why regular dentist visits are a must. After all, periodontal disease can affect the body’s immune response, which can in turn trigger premature delivery. What’s more, a 2011 Australian study has linked gum disease with the more challenging aspect of getting pregnant in the first place.

Sometimes it’s difficult to reach people, especially if they’re younger, with talk of potential health problems related to oral health. However, if you think about it, dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay are not painless and they’re far from pretty. These issues can lower the quality of your lifestyle regardless of your age, as well as make you anxious and overly self-conscious. On the other hand, a bright, healthy and happy smile requires minimal effort on your part. And with amazing Aussie beaches and attractions, it’s a real shame to be worried about smiling. Therefore, brush your teeth regularly and properly, use floss and mouthwash and definitely visit your dentist at least every six months.

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