The Top 5 Meal Kit Providers In The UK

If you can hear a growling sound coming from your stomach, then surely it needs to get fixed! If you are in search of tasty and healthy food to treat your taste buds then this article is for you. The Food Industry in the UK has drastically grown, providing consumers thousands of alternatives to choose from. Parallel to that, meal delivery services have also created their unique standing in the industry by providing quality ready-to-eat meals that have caused utmost convenience to their customers. We cover the top 5 meal kit providers in the UK to let you order straight away without waiting for a second more.

1. Musclefood UK

As the name indicates, Musclefood is the real muscle builder. The company provides healthy and tailored meals that are high in protein to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you need to shed extra fat or gain muscles; Musclefood stands alone in providing fresh, tasty, timely, and quality meals directly at your doorstep. You can opt from a wide range of products from a lean meat section, fresh meat boxes, fresh veg meals that are vegan and vegetarian, rice, pasta, noodles, as well as snacks, drinks, meals, and supplements that are your perfect fitness companions.

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2. The Good Prep

The most amazing thing that I love from The Good Prep is their detox juices. The Good Prep is the best choice for people who are interested in trimming and slimming, maintaining and sustaining, or growing and gaining goals. The company provides tasty, healthy, tailored meals that best fit with the fitness goals of every customer. The Good Prep assists with how much food intake you need to achieve your goal and facilitates you with the meals that can speed up the process. They provide poultry, meat, dairy, veggies, drinks, snacks, and supplements to make it a complete package for their customers.

Bonus: Get meals delivered to your doorstep with their nationwide free delivery.

3. Hello Fresh UK

The amazing brand that provides budget-friendly, tasty, healthy, fresh, and sustainable meals around the UK. Hello Fresh UK has 6.94 million active customers to whom they provide highly customized meals that include rapid meals, fresh meat-free meals that includes pure veggies, family friendly meals that are scrumptious and can make you drool, calorie smart meals that are designed to provide a perfect balance of proteins and other vitamins. They also offer global flavours to satisfy the cravings of people from different nationalities, premium meals that are best when you have guests over, desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, sides to add a flavourful twist to your meal, and last but not the least lunch and brunch meals that are best to consume in daily life. You get to choose how many people you want to buy food for and how many meals you are interested in buying at one time.

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4. The Pure Package

They offer you Holford’s Advanced Optimum Nutrition with Brainfood supplement in addition to the nutritious food in the program for maximum effects and absorption. This potent combination of important antioxidants, omega fats, B vitamins, and phospholipids provides your brain and body with comprehensive nutritional support.

You can expect plenty of tasty brain-boosting meals from The Pure Package Brain Food program, such as oily salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. The Pure Package’s brain-boosting meals are carefully balanced to offer you the appropriate combination of lean proteins, slow-release carbs, and brain-supporting fats.

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5. Balance Box

While ordering a meal from Balance Box you get to choose from four menu options: pescatarian, which excludes fish, meat, gluten, and dairy, classic, vegetarian, and free from. So if you like the idea of maintaining your weight, you need to sign up for the Market Plan with a pescatarian menu. Balance Box has designed its menu under the supervision of health experts so that you can get proper nutrition with food that can keep you full for a longer time. They have the option to make a meal with either 1200 or 1800 calories per day that can be divided into 3 meals and 2 snacks. High on nutrition, and best at flavour Balance Box provide a balanced meal that has a minimum of 10 fruits and vegetables in a box that is to provide a greater portion of vitamins as well as calculated proteins in the form of smoked salmon, massaman chicken curries, or tomato ceviche salad to have for your desired meal of the day. The food is delivered fresh, hygienic, tasty, and fitness-friendly.

Bonus: You can save £21 on your first order and get a £21 discount for new customers.

In a nutshell, it is a difficult decision to pick the best meal for yourself that not only satisfies your taste buds but also helps you achieve your goal whether that be to gain weight, lose weight, or to maintain weight. All the above-discussed meal providers are the best and trusted suppliers upon whom you can trust as they are the top 5 meal kit providers in the UK. The meal providers have a great standing on Trust Pilot which will help you in choosing your perfect meal.

Reviews of Meal Providers

Musclefood UK: Excellent

“Great service food fresh and delicious thank you” Gloria Stronach

The Good Prep:  Excellent

“Best meal prep I’ve tried. Food is unreal, I look forward to every meal. It’s great value for money and totally stress-free”. Samantha Cooper

Hello Fresh: Average

“There are loads of different cuisines to order from, recipes are easy to follow, it’s easy site to follow. Great tasting food” N Decent

The Pure Package: Great

“Great service and follow up! I feel lighter and healthier after trying out their 10 day program” Risa Asakura

Balance Box: Great

“Parcel arrived on time. Very tasty meals, appropriate portion sizes for a healthy diet, very easy to take to work” Petros Fessas

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