Top 3 Fitness Machines To Try This Year

Three exercise machines positioned in the corner of an emoty fitness studio - a treadmill, exercise bike and cross trainer

Fitness comes top of most people’s list of resolutions every New Year. Yet, while it’s extremely important to keep fit, many individuals struggle to maintain healthy lifestyles for any length of time. They often lack the drive needed to keep fit and get quickly discouraged by their slow progress. Although you may feel enthusiastic about getting fit, using the right fitness machines can make all the difference.

Good health and fitness is easily maintained through the combination of a healthy, balanced diet with an effective workout routine. This way, you’ll increase your odds of ageing gracefully and going on to lead a long and fulfilling life.

Here are the top 3 fitness machines you simply have to try out this year:

Whole-Body Vibration Machine

This machine not only helps to improve circulation but also builds up your overall strength and burns body fat when used consistently. Whole-body vibration machines are also recommended for elderly people who are looking to restore their balance and decrease bone loss. You might well be wondering how effective this machine is for fitness? Well, according to fitness experts, performing whole-body vibration exercises for just 15 minutes a day, three days a week can have incredible benefits. These include: enhanced flexibility, fat loss, strength building, decreased muscle soreness and elevated moods.

It’s also really easy to use a whole-body vibration machine –  simply stand or sit on the machine whilst it works its magic. As it vibrates, energy is transmitted to your entire body. Your muscles are forced to contract multiple times, making you feel as if you’re actually exercising. When shopping for this type of machine, ensure you look for one that suits your budget and needs as they vary in both price and functionality.

Rowing Machine

Rowing has tremendous health and fitness benefits. Not only does it tone your muscles, but it also burns fat and increases your core strength significantly. Many people today are keen to eliminate the excessive visceral fat that appears in the abdominal area. This fat is considered dangerous, because it increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and contracting a variety of other ailments. Rowing can be treated as a high-intensity workout, which helps to reduce belly fat. This exercise targets a variety of muscles, such as the biceps, obliques, abs, glutes, upper back and hamstrings.

With such a vast assortment of health perks, rowing machines have become increasingly popular this year. Health experts recommend doing around 30 minutes to an hour of workouts for at least 5 days every week, however this should be made up of a mixture of different movements and exercises.  Rowing is the perfect exercise for those looking to trim their physiques.

Stair Mill Machines

Climbing a set of stairs is physically demanding. It exercises your leg muscles and gets your heart racing. Performing stair mill exercises will help you burn those calories and condition your muscles in the process. These machines are readily available at any good gym, but you could also invest in one for your own home gym. Avoid supporting your upper body too much when using the stair mill, otherwise your workout won’t be as intense as you’d perhaps intended and less calories will be burnt. Instead, train in intervals to switch between high and low intensity workouts. You’ll love the impact of stairmill on your strength and endurance.

These three fitness machines are a must-try this year and will help kick your new fitness regime off to a good start. Remember, working on your fitness will always bear great results, as long as you keep at it and put your best efforts into it.

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