Top Six Workouts For People In Their 60s, 70s And 80s

It is very important for us to perform regular exercise, as it is exercise that helps us remain fit and healthy. Exercise also helps us to gain enough strength and make our body parts get stronger to take us through into old age. To maintain body weight and to lead a healthy life, exercise is essential. There are certain activities that should become a part of your daily routine and they can help minimize the risk of many harmful diseases. They not only help us in staying healthy, but also keep us physically and mentally fit and stable.

People in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are usually not capable of performing the same exercises that they would have done in their 20s or 30s, but to remain fit there are certain exercises they can do that will put less strain on the joints. These exercises are lenient and can be performed by elders with ease and comfort.

Here are six workouts for people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s:

Find Your Breaking Point

Many old people suffer with joint pain and the breaking point is the source infected by weakness; the pain mostly occurs due to this point. Firstly you must find and acknowledge your own personal breaking point. To get to your breaking point, you must perform some gentle exercise and randomly move the joint which causes the pain.

You must perform a hard massage upon that point. When the pain exceeds the level, then you will know it is at its breaking point. Though it will be tough to put more force upon this point, it will be very beneficial. However, we would always recommend you seek expert advice and get the nod from your GP before carrying out any exercise.

Brisk Walking

This is not your typical walk to the shops to get your newspaper of a morning. Brisk walking is more active than merely walking and less intense in comparison to running. The minimum speed you should aim for when brisk walking is about 3 miles per hour. This speed is easy to achieve and can be more convenient for you to do, than to walk for a much longer time at a gentler pace. This type of exercise is very efficient, as it can continue for a long time without losing any stamina. In this exercise, you should move your hands in an oscillatory motion to allow maximum benefits. Brisk walking is also perfect for heart patients.


This is the most simple and familiar exercise performed by older adults. It helps them to reduce the swelling in joints and improves cardiovascular health. Yoga can also help increase joint mobility, strength, digestion and help elderly participants in balancing their body.


Cycling is an essential exercise for helping in the proper circulation of blood to all parts of the body and also decreases the rate of heart-related problems and diseases. The movement of the knees can be improved by performing this exercise. It is enough to do just twenty minutes of cycling a day.

Home Gym

Older people can even have a home gym to keep regular with their exercise in the comfort of a familiar environment. You can read more about the amazing advantages of the home gym here.


Walking is a very effective and essential exercise which can be performed by elders easily and can be incorporated into their daily routines, with very little change to what they already do.

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