Turning Your Coffee Breaks Into Powerful Acts Of Self Care

How often do you just grab a coffee on the go? Or drink your morning coffee in a rush as you get ready for the day? For most of us, our day-to-day cups of coffee are something that we need, and not something that we have time to savor. A coffee break is something that should be treasured. It’s a chance to take a little time for yourself in an otherwise hectic day. It’s something that can be enjoyed, and if you do it right, even short coffee breaks can be a powerful act of self-care, which energizes you and boosts your mood, before you get back to the grind.

Get Up A Little Earlier

If you want to take the time to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, you might need to get up a little earlier, especially if you are usually in a big rush to get out of the door in the mornings. Setting your alarm just 15 minutes earlier can give you time to sit down and sip a coffee, appreciating the taste and smell, instead of rushing it as you do other things.

Give Yourself Options

You wouldn’t eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch every day of the week, and nor should you. With so many wonderful foods available, you should enjoy as many different flavors as possible.

The same is true of your coffee. As seen at granitecoffee.com there are so many different types of beans, kinds of coffee, and extra flavors available nowadays, and you should try to taste a variety. Make sure you’ve got options for when you make coffee at home, and when you are out, don’t be scared to try something new.

Take The Time To Brew A Perfect Coffee

Pouring hot water over some cheap instant granules will never be an act of self-love. You deserve better than this.

When you take your time to get your coffee just right, you are sending a message that you value your time, as well as your coffee. This is empowering.

First, make sure you are storing your coffee correctly so that it keeps its flavor over time. You can read an article on how to store coffee beans from Cup and Bean to help you to get this right. Cup and Bean have plenty of tips on how to store coffee beans but also on how to brew coffee and the correct ratios to use. If you want your coffee to be an act of self-care, it’s worth a look.

Then brew the coffee that you’ve chosen using the correct ratios and times, instead of rushing.

Get A Favorite Mug

It might sound silly, but if we’re honest, most of us have a favorite mug or cup. In a cupboard filled with options, you’ve probably got one that you’ll always choose if it is clean.

You might think that your coffee tastes better out of your favorite mug, and while this is in part phycological, there’s some truth to it too. Different materials taste slightly different. So, coffee in an earthenware mug, for example, might not taste the same to you as China or glass.

If you don’t have a favorite mug, it’s worth heading to the shops to find one.

Make Each Cup An Experience

Make every cup of coffee you drink in a day an experience. Try not to drink them while you are working or on the go, but instead while you are resting, or doing something that you enjoy like reading or talking to a friend. This is an effective way to make sure your cups of coffee are pleasures, not necessities.

Drink Your Coffee Mindfully

Being mindful basically means giving thought to our actions and acknowledging and accepting our thoughts and feelings, instead of just skipping past things.

When you drink a cup of coffee, think about how it tastes, but also how it smells and how it feels in your mouth. Think about how the cup tastes, and how it feels in your hand. Think about how this particular drink will affect your day and take the time to ask yourself why you wanted a coffee in the first place.

Don’t Head Straight Back To Work

Try not to rush straight back to work, or any other task as soon as you’ve finished a coffee or any other hot drink. This can leave you feeling hot and even a little sick. Give it time to settle before getting up again.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Coffee

We can sometimes feel like coffee and caffeine are naughty and indulgent. But there are so many benefits to drinking coffee in moderation. These include benefits to your health and wellbeing, as well as your mood and energy levels.

Whenever you take time to do something for yourself you are performing an act of self-care, and even the small ones, like drinking a coffee, can have a powerful effect on your days if you let them.

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