4 Challenges You Could Face In Your Marriage And How To Overcome Them

Marital life is not without its challenges, and whether you are part of a new marriage or one of many decades, you are likely to have faced difficulties at some point along the road already. Fortunately, almost every problem that you and your partner might face during your wedded days is resolvable.

Here are four challenges you could face in your marriage and how to go about overcoming them.

1. Infertility 

If you and your partner waited until marriage to begin trying for kids, then this problem is possibly something that neither of you has previously had to think about. That said, the ability to have children can be a deal-breaker for some when it comes to a relationship.

If you and your partner both agreed to have children later in life, but are struggling to conceive now that you are married, then all hell could break loose. Most of the time, it is just a case of persevering and ensuring the romance does die out when trying for a baby. However, you may need to take matters into your own hands if problems persist. Consider IVF treatment to ensure you overcome infertility and can still welcome new life into your marriage.

2. Stress

If you and your other half both work in high-intensity, stressful roles, then bad tempers might occasionally be brought home from the office from time to time. This is normal – and resolvable – but takes work to ensure you don’t ruin your marriage. Trying to achieve a calmer mind is not easy, either. Think about your quality of life, do you really need that fat pay cheque, or would you rather have less responsibility and more time to spend with your family?

Equally, is there more you can be doing to tackle your own mental illnesses and defeating stress? Practising yoga regularly is a fantastic way to lower stress levels, improve your sleeping patterns, while also making you more flexible and mobile.

3. Finances

Money is often the elephant in the room in a lot of marriages. Presuming you haven’t signed any sort of prenup agreements, then it is important to talk openly about your finances. If one of you earns far more than the other, then you will need to have a frank discussion about the level of support that person may feel they need – or are entitled too. Naturally, this sort of touchy subject can cause friction in any marriage. The only way to resolve it is through clear, frank, and honest communication, along with the ability to compromise and share generously with your partner.

4. Infidelity 

Infidelity might well be the hardest problem to overcome in a marriage, and for many, once this line has been crossed, there is a reluctance to even try to save things altogether. Sometimes infidelity can be a drunken mistake, born out of more underlying problems in an existing marriage. The key to overcoming this – if the two of you choose to do so – is to rebuild your levels of trust and to work collaboratively together to fix the underlying issues that caused it to happen in the first place.

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