Ways to Help Your Yoga Clothes Last Longer

Yoga clothing can be expensive, so it’s important to learn how to take care of the pieces you have so you don’t have to replace them as often. Fortunately, there are ways that you can extend the lives of your yoga gear.

Follow these tips:

Wash Clothing As Soon As Possible

Many people end up getting rid of their yoga clothing because of unpleasant odours caused by the build up of bacteria and sweat. To get rid of odours, it’s recommended that you wash your yoga clothing as soon as possible after you wear it. This will prevent the sweat, and the smell, from sinking deep into the fibres of the clothing where it will be hard to remove.

Don’t Use The Tumble Dryer

It’s so much easier to toss your clothes into the tumble dryer instead of waiting for them to air dry, but this is a bad habit that you should stop if you want to preserve your yoga clothing. The heat in a dryer can cause the elastic in your yoga clothes to break down faster, which means you will have to spend more money on new clothes. To avoid this problem, spend a few extra minutes laying your clothes flat after they have been washed. Don’t hang them or the weight of the wet fabric may cause the pieces to stretch.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible in their yoga clothing, so you may think that using fabric softener is a good idea to help you achieve this goal. However, fabric softener can actually damage your yoga clothing and shorten its life. Fabric softener can harm any material that stretches, which includes yoga clothing. In addition, it often leaves behind a thin layer of softener on the outside of your clothing. This is designed to keep the item smelling fresh, but what it actually does is trap odours from your last sweat session into the clothing.

Separate Clothing And Towels

Do you have a few towels that you use to wipe sweat off of your face during an intense yoga session? Don’t throw these in the washing machine with the rest of your yoga clothing. Towels are much rougher than the soft materials used to create yoga clothing, so they could brush up against and damage your yoga clothes during the spin cycle.

In fact, you should only wash yoga clothing with other workout gear. Do not put these items in the washer with any clothing that has zippers, buttons, or embellishments that could snag on the soft material.

Buy Organic

If you do end up buying new clothing, make sure you check the label to see if it is made out of organic or synthetic materials. Organic yoga clothing may be more expensive, but it also lasts much longer. It won’t stretch out as you twist into different positions and even after repeated use, organic clothing will not thin out like synthetic materials tend to do.

With these tips, you can keep your yoga clothing in good condition no matter how many downward facing dogs you do!

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