Wearing These Pillowy Custom Orthotics Your Feet Will Say Aah!

Our feet perform a heavy workload daily. And being squeezed into tight shoes doesn’t help either. Shouldering your weight around day and night, it’s a relief to them when you head to bed at night, and they finally get to rest. Your feet literally say “aah!”

Other conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or being overweight can lead to foot pain. You don’t have to suffer from foot pain. Probably those store-bought insoles from Dr. Scholl’s brought you little or no relief. It was a good step to try and head off the pain, but now you realize they just don’t cut it.

If your pain continues you may have to see a foot doctor, but you haven’t made the appointment yet, still hoping it may go away on its own. Most podiatrists will have you try stretching exercises and then physical therapy, and eventually, most will say you need a pair of custom-made orthotics particularly if your pain is in your arch and heel area.

And when you hear the price of $500, which is not covered by insurance, your brain says you can afford it, if you skip your vacation plans this year. But, before you say OK let’s get it done, there is a cheaper way to buy the same quality pair of custom-made orthotics for 50% less.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics help restore the anatomically correct alignment of your natural footprint. Placing the foot in a neutral position, it provides the correct tilt in the heel, helping you achieve superior comfort and enjoy pain-free walking again.

Custom orthotics are tailored precisely for each foot to provide cushioning and support exactly where you need it, as they redistribute the pressure your feet experience with everyday activities. The custom orthotic is made specifically for your foot’s individual nooks and crannies. The comfort and stability the new orthotics bring to your shoes will make them feel like brand new.

Doctors are in agreement that purchasing custom orthotics would be a major improvement over store-bought insoles not only right now but in the long run, before other problems develop. Little problems have a tendency of becoming bigger problems in the future.

Normally custom-made orthotics are sold through foot doctors and usually cost around $500 a pair. Starting today we are launching our first direct-to-consumer effort where you can now save time and money by ordering Magic Carpet Custom Orthotics direct from the lab.

Custom orthotics are measured specifically for you, by taking each foot’s impression in foam, to capture the exact size and the contours of both feet. No doctor’s visits are necessary. Order from the convenience of your home. Save hundreds of dollars with no doctor’s markup.

It’s so easy to get started, the lab will mail you the foam box to take your impressions, along with a self-enclosed box, mailing label, and return postage. In no time they’ll be shipped right to your home.

We donate 5% of our profits to the American Diabetes Association http://www.diabetes.org. Visit our website today at; http://www.customorthoticslab.com

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