What Are The Most Unhygienic Rooms In The House?

Do you pride yourself on having a spotless home? You may have a rigid cleaning schedule, a raft of supplies and thorough techniques that you’ve honed over time. A 2018 study even found that the average Brit will spend the equivalent of two years of their life cleaning their homes.

But the fact remains that you’re highly likely to be surrounded by germs and bacteria, even if it can’t be seen by the naked eye. Thankfully not all types are harmful – although that doesn’t mean you should down tools.

We’ve dished the dirt on some of the most unhygienic rooms of the home below to guide your next clean-up operation.


The kitchen can be a major breeding ground for bacteria due to food preparation, dirty dishes and various commonly used appliances. Look to regularly replace sponges and cloths used for washing up, while chopping boards, worktops and fridge shelves need thorough cleaning too.

Disinfectant wipes can be your best friend here. Other hidden spots to target include inside often-used bottles and containers, which you may only be able to reach effectively with bottle brushes.


The bathroom is perhaps the most obvious area for bacteria to gather, given that it’s the room in which you scrub grime from your body and attend to nature’s calls. All that extra moisture naturally makes it a comfortable spot for germs to thrive.

Your shower or bath and the walls surrounding it will all need regular attention, while taps, towels and the floor around your toilet should also feature on your cleaning checklist.

Living Room

The living room should be a relaxing space for you to unwind in, as well as somewhere for your family and friends to congregate. All that traffic however means that remote controls, gaming controllers and other devices can be touched by lots of different people – and they rarely get wiped down in between.

Thick carpets can also absorb dirt and dust, so a deeper clean may be needed occasionally, on top of your regular hoovering. And if you’ve set up here while working from home, don’t neglect your keyboard and mouse.

Other Dirt Hotspots

There are likely to be lots more unhygienic items and areas around your home. High-contact places include door and cupboard handles and light switches, while doormats and shoe racks also harbour dirt.

Then there’s personal items like your phone, keys and purse or wallet – as well as all the surfaces they come into contact with. And if you own pets that like to roam outside, make sure to wipe down their food bowls and toys regularly.

Maintaining good hygiene can help to keep your home and those living in it healthy. Make sure to target these common areas and the unhygienic rooms above if you’re not doing so already.

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