Why Is CBD Coffee So Popular?

CBD is becoming extremely common in the health and wellness world, and when you know all about it, it’s easy to see why. CBD comes in many different forms, such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, and even CBD coffee. More coffee shops are now offering CBD drinks as a regular menu item to customers as it becomes a firm favourite in the coffee industry. So, keep reading and discover why CBD coffee is so popular.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis plant and can be used in a number of different ways. Once extracted, CBD can be added into things like CBD oil, and any other product you like. CBD itself is non-psychoactive so you can easily take it during the day without worrying about it impacting your mental capabilities. CBD is said to have many benefits from improving your mood, soothing insomnia, and even calming panic attacks. So, what exactly is CBD coffee?

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee can be made in two different ways: with CBD infused coffee beans or added CBD oil into a finished drink. CBD coffee beans are roasted and then infused with the compound so that when they’re ground, the oil is released and filtered through into your coffee. The other method is just as simple, but it does give you greater control over your dose. The home-made method involves making your choice of drink and then adding drops of CBD oil into it. This way if you want your dose to be slightly stronger you can easily use a higher strength CBD or add more drops to it.

You’ll also find it in cafés, and they’ll most likely use the second method as it’s easier. Also, CBD coffee beans will contaminate the grinder, so it saves having to clean it after each use. CBD isn’t said to have a negative side effects when taken correctly, but some people aren’t able to take it due to certain medication. This is why it’s important that any café that uses CBD coffee beans cleans the grinder or uses a separate one. So, because of this, you’ll often see cafés adding the CBD oil to the drinks instead of using beans.

What Benefits Does It Have?

CBD coffee is said to have numerous benefits, but one of the most favourited is the fact that it could negate the side effects of caffeine that you’d rather avoid. When you drink caffeine, oftentimes it can make your heart race and you might start to feel shaky. However, with added CBD it can negate these effects and make you feel a lot more relaxed when drinking it. CBD coffee can also help boost your focus and keep your more concentrated throughout the day. Regular caffeine will wear off after a few hours and cause you to crash and crave more. However, CBD is said to improve your focus and keep your attention going for a lot longer. So, combining this with the energy that caffeine gives you, it’s easy to understand why people love a cup of it before work.

You might also want to consider a cup of CBD infused coffee when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. CBD is said to help calm your nerves by soothing the symptoms of anxiety, while also helping to stop the thoughts racing in your head. So, if you’ve got a big meeting coming up or a test that you’re nervous about, try having a cup of CBD infused coffee beforehand and you’ll most definitely feel the benefits. CBD can also help with pain relief, and what’s more soothing than a hot drink? Things like back pain or menstrual pain can be hard to deal with and sometimes pain killers don’t even touch the sides. However, when you take CBD, it works with your pain receptors to alleviate it and calms inflammation. So, if you’re feeling the beginnings of an achy back, why not make yourself a lovely cup of CBD coffee.

Why Do People Love It?

People love CBD coffee for lots of reasons, so it’s impossible to say just one. CBD has been said to enhance the flavour of coffee as the acidic terpenes can cut through the bitterness and make it taste more full-bodied. As well as a delicious flavour, CBD coffee is very good at calming you down when you need it. Not everyone likes the taste of CBD oil on its own, but pair it with a creamy caramel latte, and you’ve got a cleverly disguised CBD drink. Similarly, people also love how it prevents them from getting the coffee jitters which often come along with drinking caffeine. This can make drinking coffee a lot easier for people who struggle with anxiety too, as sometimes it can exasperate the symptoms. But with the help of CBD, it can be a thing of the past! CBD coffee is also extremely easy to make at home. Unlike other medicinal or herbal concoctions, you only need to ingredients, coffee, and CBD. You can even use instant coffee out of a packet if you don’t have any fancy coffee making equipment. So, perhaps it’s accessibility is what makes people love it so much too.

CBD coffee is a fantastic addition to your daily routine, as it can really help boost your mood, calm your nerves, and stop the caffeine jitters. It’s not just the flavour that people can get behind, as it’s health benefits are top notch too. So, if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or want to avoid the shakiness caffeine gives, try out CBD coffee. You’ll be super happy with the results!

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